Michael Jordan Rival Details How Jordan Lost Money on NCAA Tournament

Michael Jordan

Getty Images Michael Jordan (L) of the Chicago Bulls against Shandon Anderson of the Utah Jazz

Back in the mid-90s, the Providence Friars men’s basketball team made it to the Elite 8 during the 1996-97 season behind the leadership of future NBA players Austin Croshere [Indiana Pacers] and God Shammgod [Washington Wizards] took on the Arizona Wildcats and Mike Bibby [Sacramento Kings]. Bibby and the Wildcats would go on to defeat Providence in overtime 92-96 and event won the national championship that season.

Apparently, according to God Shammgod, Chicago Bulls‘ guard Michael Jordan bet some money on that game and selected the Friars to beat Arizona in the NCAA tournament that year.

Per Shammgod, Jordan let him know about it the first time they played the Wizards in 1997. Jordan was out shooting before the game and came up to Shammgod while he was working out to let him know that he was displeased.

“The first time they played them in 1997, he was out there early shooting, so I came out there and started working out. Jordan came up to me and told me, ‘Man, I lost money on y’all, and I’m like what are you talking about and said “Why the Hell you let Corey Wright shoot that shot in the NCAA tournament,” Shammgod told me. “He is like man, you are supposed to take that shot because we lose to Arizona to go to The Final Four. He was like I bet on y’all, and I lost money on y’all, and then he told me to get off the court Rook.”

The Chicago Bulls would go on to beat the Washington Bullets at the time 107-108. The Chicago Bulls would also go on to win their five championships that season, and Michael Jordan would be named the Finals MVP for the fifth time.

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Jordan’s Former Teammates details what Jordan told him before 2001 Preseason game

Before the Washington Wizards took on the Miami Heat in a preseason game back in 2001. Jordan apparently told his teammates that he was doing to teach them how to score 20 points in a quarter and then sit down according to Popeye Jones.

“We were playing in one of the first preseason games we were playing [the] Miami [Heat], and we were in the tunnel getting ready to walk out. And again, it was a preseason game, and he [Michael Jordan] said I’m going to show you guys how to get 20 points in a quarter and sit down, and at the end of one, he had 18. Then he went ahead and sat down. That was unique, and I think one of the first practices because we know the type of scorer he was, but we all know that” Jones told me.  “I didn’t know the kind of playmaker he was until he showed us during practice, he was shooting every time and scoring. Coach Doug Collins said Michael, you can’t shoot anymore, and then he looked like he was John Stockton or Magic Johnson with his passing and his vision, which really impressed me. I said something to him, and he said I see everybody I just want to score.”

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