OJ Simpson Had Coronavirus, Worried About Getting ‘Reinfected’

Getty O.J. Simpson

OJ Simpson was last seen wearing surgical gloves on the golf course. The Hall-of-Famer believes he may have been infected with the Coronavirus.

In a rambling video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Simpson described a recent trip to the doctor where he was treated for what he thought was the common flu. The former running back was suffering from dry cough, headaches and breathing problems, all known symptoms of COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Simpson said he was in bed for two and a half days and took steroids and antibiotics, along with using an inhaler, to fight the condition.

While Simpson’s doctor never diagnosed him with COVID-19, he and his friends now firmly believe that’s what he had. His new concern? Can you get it again? The entire video plays out like the diary of a mad man. Then again, consider the source.

“It’s funny how many other people told me they went through the same thing. We are convinced now it was corona,” Simpson said. “And the big question that I have, that my friends have, is can you get it again? Can you reinfect? No one seems to have a clear answer about it. It is so confusing.”

Simpson went on to discuss being confused about the “president shaking hands on TV” and Idris Elba’s decision to have his wife draped over him as he revealed his own COVD-19 diagnosis. The actor tested positive for the disease. Then, Simpson rattled off a few bizarre comments about the United States imposing “stringent embargos” on China.

“One person said that the majority of all our medications come from China. Really? From China? You would think they would be the last people we would be threatening with stringent embargos on,” Simpson said. “It’s all confusing.”

Yes, OJ. It’s all very confusing. Get well, soon, and please don’t reinfect anyone.

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