UFC Champ Jon Jones’ Bodycam Arrest Footage Released [WATCH]

Jon Jones Mugshot

Bernalillo County Jon Jones' mugshot.

On Thursday, March 26, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones was arrested and charged with four different counts, including aggravated DWI and a gun charge. As per the “Notice of Bond Arraignment” Heavy retrieved from the Albuquerque Police Department, Jones is set to appear in court on April 9.

To read the full details of the arrest, click here. The bodycam footage of Bones’ arrest has been released:

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Jon Jones Was Arrested After Performing Multiple Sobriety Tests

At the start of the video, the arresting officer, Officer Johnson, said to Jones that he had to conduct a DWI investigation and asked Bones if he had anything to drink before he went driving in the 2019 Jeep.

Bones replied, “Yeah earlier.” He told Officer Johnson that he had a drink of vodka. Jones then proceeded to do a sobriety test, after which he was asked to step outside the vehicle.

Jones then did a field sobriety test, including walking on an imaginary line for nine steps. Jones is seen in the video performing the test. At one point, he restarted because he “wasn’t counting” and told the officer that he has A.D.D. because he gets “punched in the head for a living.”

When he had to start another sobriety test, Jones stated, “My memory is really bad. People don’t know that about me but it’s really bad — it’s really bad.” He then asked for clarification on how to perform the test.

Afterward, he told the officer that he “got stir crazy” and he was pulled over for being nice to the homeless people. He said, “I got stir crazy and I just wanted to have a drive. It was my first drive in two weeks, and I saw these homeless people, and I was being nice to them, having a conversation with them, treating them like humans.”

He then did a few alternative tests, one where he had to touch his fingers to his thumbs and one where he had to count backwards from 47 to 32 — as he was doing the counting test, he told Officer Johnson that his daughter is dyslexic.

The UFC light heavyweight champ then had to recite the alphabet, starting from the letter “E” and ending at the letter “P”. After the alternative tests, Jones was placed under arrest. Bones appeared to get emotional at the end of the video.

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