Vince Carter’s Advantage over Michael Jordan Revealed by Former Teammate


Getty Atlanta Hawks Vince Carter against San Antonio Spurs

Vince Carter is currently in his 22nd and final season in the NBA.

With the coronavirus pandemic halting play in the NBA, some have pondered whether we’ve watched Carter’s last NBA game earlier this week aginst the New York Knicks.

With the clock neared zero in the game, fans realized that this could be the last game of his career and they started chanting: “we want Vince.”

Carter entered the game and drained a three pointer from the top of the key.


That moment gave many all of the feels of what Carter means to hoops. After all, he does have the distinction of play against LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant while in the NBA.

While the World Health Organization has said there have been 129,822 coronavirus cases globally, and 4,751 deaths, the NBA’s season has halted and earlier this week, Carter reflected on his journey. “If it ended today and you know this day, this end of the season, these last 16 games, will be talked about for a very long time,” he said.

“And that’s something I’ll always remember, at least I scored my last basket and there’ll be a weird but cool memory.

“It’s a weird way to say I’m calling a career – you don’t have any more games left. I still technically have eligibility. I have 15 games left – but if not, I’m [at] one with it.”

Carter, 43 recently moved up to number 19 on the NBA’s all-time scorers list. You’d think he’d have a better sendoff.

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, Carter’s former teammate, Tracy Murray shared his thoughts on Carter’s dynamic career.

Check out a snippet from our Q&A below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: When we talk about Jason Kidd, a guy who was his teammate in New Jersey with the Nets: Vince Carter who you played with in Toronto…did you know that he was special then?

Tracy Murray: Who Vince?!? Mannn…[laughs] The stuff I saw in practice…AMAZING. Amazing. Vince was a special talent and still is. At his age to do all the things he’s doin’, now still in the League, 22 years later? – Vince was very blessed that he didn’t have any major injuries. He always took care of his body, he always added something to his game every year…dude is just a freak of nature. Half-Man Half-Amazing, Air Canada whatever 10,000 nicknames people gave him – he deserved all of them. I’ve never seen a dude that jumped higher – and he jumped higher than Michael. This dude had extremely long arms 6’6” and a half, can put his shoulder in the rim. That’s how high he jumped. He could put his belly button in the rim. That’s how high he jumped [laughs]…and the things that he was able to do when he hung up in the air…that Dunk Contest in 2000 was whooweee – I was at that Dunk Contest – the one up there in Oakland. That was special what he did. He shut it down quick. He did everything everyone wanted in the Dunk Contest. He shut it down. Everybody was competing for second place. I knew that going in. But his in game dunks are some of the fiercest dunks that you’ll ever see. And you know, Mike and Dominique had some crazy in-game dunks, but the things that Vince did? – Mannn… he climbed Mt. Mutombo, he caught Alonzo Mourning, it’s like he caught every shot blocker that wanted to come over and block a dunk. He would catch ‘em. He’d wait until they come down and punch it on ‘em.