Browns New Uniform Tease Reveals Key Details

Getty The Browns new uniforms were missing one key piece, according to fans.

The Cleveland Browns are expected to reveal their new uniforms soon, but the team gave a tease of the new look in a short clip on social media on Thursday.

The short video of mostly darkness and flashing lights didn’t show much, but astute Browns fans were able to break down the film frame by frame to come away with some key details.

One of those details was the players who were used in the flashes. The appropriately named account “Forensic Uniform Analyst” identified Jim Brown, Clay Matthews Sr., Eric Metcalf and Webster Slaughter. Bobby Mitchell is another player seen and many are taking the integration of the Browns all-timers in the hype video as a sign that the team would be reverting to their classic look.

Hayden Grove of put out a photo of the helmet being shot in what appears to a garage, and it looks basically the same as past iterations.

Browns owner Dee Haslam has noted that the jerseys are “nothing fancy,” which could be an indication of the shift to the classic look.

Browns Expected to Unveil Uniforms on April 15

Odell Beckham Jr Arrest Warrant

GettyCleveland Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.

The Browns revealed their current set of uniforms in 2015, just a few weeks before the draft. The timeline Johnson is predicting would fit that same schedule, with the draft due up at the end of the month, despite COVID-19 concerns.

The NFL mandates that uniforms can only be changed every five years, unless there’s a change in ownership or location. There was not positive reaction to the current set of uniforms, with the Browns even utilizing their color rush uniforms as their primary jerseys last season.

“I think we got it right this time,” Haslam said last season.

The uniforms are reportedly set to be revealed on April 15 (per Tom Withers of The Associated Press), but that has not been confirmed by the team publicly.

Odell Beckham Expected to Play Significant Role in Reveal

While trade rumors have Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. going to New England or even Green Bay to pair up with veteran, elite quarterbacks, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport said there’s no reason to believe OBJ will be changing uniforms anytime soon.

Rapoport provided a unique reason on NFL Now last month why he believes Beckham is staying put, which has to do with the Browns’ new uniform reveal.

“As the Cleveland Browns get set to unveil some new uniforms in April, they’ve done some of the shoots. Very confidential — hopefully for them nothing leaks, everybody hates that,” Rapoport said. “But among the players very, very involved in their uniform reveal is Odell Beckham Jr.

“So if you wondered if this organization is planning him for 2020, the answer very clearly is, yes. Because he is going to — among other reasons — going to model their new uniforms. Throw all that into a big pile when you consider that Odell also is probably going to be more involved in the offseason program than he has been and much healthier than he has been. It sounds like he will be a Brown in 2020.”

During the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform reveal video, the team did not adapt to new changes to the roster, likely due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarterback Tom Brady, who signed with the team in free agency, was not featured. Also, wide receiver Chris Godwin, who gave up his No. 12 to Brady in exchange for No. 14, was seen wearing his old number.

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