Ex-NFL Star Chris Johnson Accused of Murder-For-Hire: Report

Chris Johnson


Former NFL running back Chris Johnson has been accused of murder-for-hire in two separate shootings that left two men dead in 2016. TMZ Sports reported the news after they received court documents indicating these allegations. Johnson, who was the 2009 NFL Offensive Player of the Year and retired in 2018, denies the accusations, and he has not been formally charged for a murder-for-hire scheme.

Johnson’s rep said to TMZ Sports that “there’s no validity to any of these accusations.”

According to TMZ Sports, officials are making the case that Chris Johnson allegedly rewarded someone with cash for shooting and killing two men who were suspects in the murder of Johnson’s friend, Dreekius “Rollie” Johnson.

In 2015, Rollie & Chris Johnson Were Attacked in a Shooting That Left Rollie Dead & Johnson With a Bullet in the Shoulder

Around 4 a.m. on March 8, 2015, Chris Johnson and Rollie were shot at while in a Jeep — the attack left Rollie dead and Johnson with a bullet in the shoulder. According to the sheriff’s office, Rollie, who was the driver of the Jeep, was found dead in his seat and Johnson, along with a third passenger, Reggie Johnson were found on a nearby sidewalk.

Before the shooting, the two men and a few friends were at the Lux, a club in Orlando. They were attending a show performed by Johnson’s friend, rapper Kenny Turner.

According to TMZ Sports’ report, court documents say, “intelligence gathered suggested [the shooting] was a gang related murder attempt on Chris Johnson.”

Less than a week after the shooting, Johnson appeared in a photo posted on Kenny Turner’s social media with his arm in a sling. According to TMZ, the caption of the photo read, “I HEARD YOU P*SSIES LOOKIN 4 me!!!!! WE GOT something in common….f*ck YA!!!! #juice.”

After the photo was posted, Chris Johnson took to social media to clarify that the message was not a threat toward the gunmen, and he said, “I don’t live that life.”

To date, no one has been formally charged with the March 8, 2015 shooting.

2 Suspects in the Jeep Shooting That Left Rollie Dead Were Killed in 2016

Two men who were suspects in the 2015 shooting were killed in separate incidents in 2016. One was killed on January 19 and the other on July 24. Per TMZ Sports’ report, officials say a Florida man, Dominic Bolden, is responsible for both 2016 shootings.

Authorities told TMZ that Johnson gave Bolden cash and helped him become the leader of a Florida drug trafficking organization (DTO), TMZ reported.

The informant reportedly said to officials, “murder for hire elevated Dominic Bolden’s rank, reputation and power within the DTO.” He also said that Johnson provided Bolden “with funds and an individual who could continually supply Dominic Bolden with as much narcotics as needed to supply the DTO.”

According to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Chris Johnson has also allegedly aided the day-to-day operations of the DTO.

Johnson has not been formally charged for any crimes and denies all accusations.

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