Is Roger Federer Retiring? No, His ‘Retirement’ Is a Hoax

is roger federer retiring

Getty Is Roger Federer retiring? No, it's a hoax.

The supposed news that Roger Federer is retiring from tennis had a lot of fans upset on social media. However, is he really retiring?

C’mon, people, look at the date. The news circulated on April 1, 2020. It was an April Fool’s prank. No, there’s no credible information that Federer’s retirement is coming any time soon. Let’s trace how this unfolded.

The Federer retirement “news” appears to have germinated from a site called Essentially Sports, which wrote, “SHOCKING: Roger Federer Retires From Professional Tennis.” That headline is certainly dramatic, and if you google “roger federer retiring,” that story comes right up. But that should also be a red flag, right? If Roger Federer were really retiring, every credible sports site in the world would be writing that story, and they’re not. Why? Because it was a prank.

Tennis star Venus Williams also confirmed that it was a hoax, sharing the Essentially Sports article and writing on Twitter, “Did anyone see that @rogerfederer retirement hoax? I was so sad! #aprilfools.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Fake Article on Federer Retiring Now Carries an Acknowledgment That It’s a Joke

The Essentially Sports “article” now has a huge disclaimer in bold at the top. “This article was published as a creative piece for April fools day on April 1, 2020. What follows is just a narration of something that would shake fans up if the event actually happened. Thanks again for taking it sportingly and wish you a great day ahead!” it reads.

The fake article had falsely alleged, “The news that all Roger Federer fans dreaded but hopefully dodged has finally hit them like a bullet. The Swiss tennis maestro has announced his retirement from all forms of tennis. This sad news was confirmed by Federer via a press release that was also released on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He is expected to hold an official interaction with his fans via Instagram live and with the media via a press conference to clear all doubts.”

Just as confusing: One of the top stories that comes up under this search is by the Tennis World Foundation. But if you read it carefully, this story seems to be a repeat of the April Fool’s piece. It starts, “The news that all Roger Federer fans didn’t want to hear in the end arrived. The Swiss Maestro officially announced his tennis retirement from professional tennis. Federer confirmed this sad news through a touching post published on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.”

Let’s go to Federer’s Instagram and Twitter accounts for extra verification. Did the “Swiss Maestro” really make a touching post about retiring? No.

On Twitter, Federer has been posting about his stay-at-home practice routine due to coronavirus. He also made an emotional post about Wimbledon being cancelled because of COVID-19.

He doesn’t look like he’s planning on going anywhere soon.

It’s the same story on Instagram. There’s no sign of a retirement post. Instead, Federer is posting about practicing tennis at home and urging people to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Express, up-and-coming player Jannik Sinner “has pleaded with Federer” not to retire because he wants to face him at Wimbledon some day.

Just remember: Always check the date before believing a news story!

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