NFL Draft Salaries 2020: How Much Money Do 4th-7th Round Picks Make?

NFL Rookie Contract

Getty Jake Fromm is one of the top available prospects on the third day of the NFL draft.

Day three of the NFL draft concludes with rounds four through seven giving prospects their final chance to hear their name called by commissioner Roger Goodell. While not quite as lucrative as the first two days, rookies selected in the fourth through seventh rounds still land sizable salaries. Rounds four through seven picks will sign a four-year contract with their new NFL teams.

Former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm was one of the players who slipped in the draft and was finally selected by the Bills in the fifth round with the No. 167 pick. Based on Over the Cap’s data, Fromm is projected to sign a four-year, $3.59 million contract with the Bills. Fromm’s salary will start at $685,740 which includes a portion of his estimated $302,960 signing bonus.

According to Over the Cap, the first pick of the fourth round gets a projected salary of $814,377 as part of a four-year, $4.11 million contract. Salary ranges for fourth-round picks go from $814,377 to $733,600 which includes their signing bonus.

The top pick in the fifth round gets a $698,619 salary and a four-year, $3.64 million contract. The fifth-round salaries range from $698,619 to $669,444. Players selected in the sixth round will get a salary ranging from $662,972 to $642,353. The first pick of the sixth round gets a $662,972 salary as part of a four-year, $3.5 million deal.

Finally, seventh-round picks secure a salary ranging from $638,424 to $628,873. The first seventh-round pick is paid a $638,424 salary and a four-year, $3.4 million contract. The final pick of the NFL draft is often referred to as Mr. Irrelevant but the player still receives a $628,873 salary as part of a four-year, $3.37 million contract.

Being selected as Mr. Irrelevant also has its perks in addition to landing an NFL contract. From television appearances to trips to Disney, the final player selected in the NFL draft gets a few added bonuses even if he faces a long road to making the final roster. Ryan Hoag was selected by the Raiders as Mr. Irrelevant in 2003 and discussed the experience with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“I have nothing but great things to say about the people with (Mr. Irrelevant),” Hoag told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “They fly you and your family out. You’re treated like royalty at every single event. It’s unbelievable. You know, I had resigned myself to not being drafted and had a few teams I thought would be a good fit as a free agent. But then I was really proud about being picked.”

Day 3 Picks Still Land a 4-Year Contract

All prospects selected in the draft land a four-year contract. The contract ranges for the fourth round selections are $4.11 million to $3.78 million. Players selected in the fifth round sign deals ranging from $3.64 million to $3.53 million. Sixth-round picks sign contracts that range from $3.5 million to $3.42 million. Finally, seventh-round picks land contracts ranging from $3.4 million to $3.37 million for the final selection of the draft.

Here is a look at the salary details for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds of the NFL draft, courtesy of Over the Cap.

NFL Draft 2020: 4th Round Pick Salary Projections

The following salary projections are courtesy of The estimates are based on the particular draft slot, not the team. If a trade occurs, the player will make what is slotted for the pick in which he is selected. These numbers include a player’s base salary along with their signing bonus.

107. Bengals $814,377
108. Redskins $809,842
109. Lions $809,196
110. Giants $807,972
111. Texans $806,143
112. Chargers $805,086
113. Panthers $804,371
114. Cardinals $803,368
115. Browns $802,258
116. Jaguars $800,903
117. Vikings $797,695
118. Broncos $797,261
119. Falcons $796,521
120. Jets $796,336
121. Raiders $795,411
122. Colts $793,066
123. Cowboys $792,317
124. Steelers $790,608
125. Jets $788,816
126. Rams $787,676
127. Eagles $786,528
128. Bills $784,843
129. Jets $782,748
130. Vikings $782,748
131. Cardinals $781,021
132. Vikings $779,643
133. Seahawks $777,610
134. Falcons $776,728
135. Steelers $774,703
136. Dolphins $773,283
137. Jaguars $770,984
138. Chiefs $768,580
139. Raiders $733,600
140. Jaguars $733,600
141. Dolphins $733,600
142. Redskins $733,600
143. Ravens $733,600
144. Seahawks $733,600
145. Eagles $733,600
146. Eagles $733,600

NFL Draft 2020: 5th Round Pick Salary Projections

147-156 $698,619-$691,418
157-167 $689,959-$686,073
168-179 $685,740-$669,444

NFL Draft 2020: 6th Round Pick Salary Projections

180-190 $662,972-$655,258
191-205 $654,275-$650,064
206-214 $649,887-$642,353

NFL Draft 2020: 7th Round Pick Salary Projections

215-224 $638,424-$635,421
225-235 $634,919-$631,133
236-245 $630,922-$629,125
246-255 $628,873

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