Roger Goodell’s House: Where Does the NFL Commissioner Live?

Roger Goodell Home

Getty Roger Goodell will be announcing the NFL draft picks from his home in Bronxville, New York.

Roger Goodell’s house is the focal point for millions of viewers as the 2020 NFL Draft goes on as scheduled, but the NFL commissioner will be announcing picks virtually from his New York basement. Goodell lives in a Bronxville, New York home that Zillow estimates is worth more than $4.1 million. Goodell posted a video on the first day of the draft to show off his basement where he will be announcing picks.

According to Zillow, the 6,423 square foot house was purchased in September 2005 for $4.8 million and is a short ride to New York City. Goodell lives in the house with his wife Jane Skinner and the space contains six bedrooms and five bathrooms. CBS Sports reported that Goodell’s annual salary can top $40 million if incentives are met. It pays to be the commissioner of the most popular sports league in the United States as Goodell has a net worth of $150 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Goodell told the Wall Street Journal that he will be announcing the draft from what his family refers to as his “man cave” which also happens to be close to the laundry room.

“I may have to change a couple of loads,” Goodell joked with the Wall Street Journal. “I can do it during the draft, I’ve got time during picks.”

Goodell Sold His Manhattan Apartment in 2007

According to Berg Properties, Goodell and Skinner sold their Manhattan Upper East Side apartment in 2007 for $2.72 million. Goodell announcing the draft from their Bronxville residence is way to maintain the national social distancing guidelines and encourage fans to do the same. NFL Network’s Rich Eisen commented on the idea on The Peter King Podcast prior to the league officially putting the plan into action.

“What better way to communicate the necessity to stay inside to stop the spread of the coronavirus than the commissioner of the NFL announcing the picks, alone, from his house in New York?” Eisen noted, per Bleacher Report.

Goodell Will Still Be Booed by Fans Virtually

Fans booing Goodell each year at the draft has become a tradition, but it is a lot more difficult in 2020 with no live audience. The NFL is still incorporating the boos virtually thanks to Bud Light which is raising 500,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts.

“The NFL Draft will be without an important tradition. And we just can’t let that stand. Record your boos then post & tag @budlight and #BooTheCommish. We’ll deliver the boos to the Draft, and for each #BootheCommish thru April 25, we’ll donate $1 to NFL Draft-a-Thon up to $500K,” Bud Light tweeted.

The NFL Hopes the Draft Can Be Part of “Restoring Hope” Across the Country

There was a debate as to whether the NFL would continue with the draft as scheduled. The NFL has received criticism for holding the draft amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, but Goodell emphasized that the league hopes the event can provide encouragement to fans. Teams will be conducting the draft virtually from each person’s home as the NFL attempts to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

“People look to us for optimism,” Goodell explained to ESPN. “They look to us for bringing communities together. I think the draft is a great example of that, with restoring hope. It’s hope for our fans. It’s hope for our teams. It’s hope for our players, for these young men who are about to start their careers as prospects and players in the NFL. That’s what this is all about, and I think we need those diversions. I think we need that focus on the future and that way to bring communities together. I think we’ll be able to do that for the next three days, and then we’ll focus on the future immediately after that.”

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