NFL Owner Roasts Cowboys’ Jerry Jones During League Meeting: Report

Jerry Jones

Getty Jerry Jones

Friendly banter or a bitter indictment? You decide.

As recalled by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam tweaked Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones during a recent (virtual) meeting of the NFL’s minds.

In a hot-mic moment of sorts, Haslam revealed his true thoughts about the mercurial Cowboys czar.

“The Dallas Cowboys are in the news, as always, with Dak Prescott’s contract, and the man who spearheads those negotiations, Jerry Jones,” Schefter said on his podcast. “Last week, the NFL owners had a virtual league meeting where they had the owners of each of the 32 teams on a Zoom call. A lot of people don’t realize this, but they were doing the roll call on Zoom, and at that moment, one of the NFL league officials called for the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, who was on the Zoom call. Someone from the league office said Jerry must be on mute, because they couldn’t hear him that particular moment.

Then, the Browns’ owner, Jimmy Haslam, joked, ‘They should keep Jerry on permanent mute.’ But Jimmy wasn’t on mute when he said it, and all the owners heard Jimmy Haslam say they should keep Jerry on permanent mute — his words, not mine. They got it corrected and eventually they all joined the call, they all got unmuted. But even that shows you that sometimes NFL owners can struggle with Zoom calls and who’s muted.”

Listen for yourself:

In a wild offseason, things simply get wilder. Though, it’s probably good that such high-level conferences are to be held remotely for the foreseeable future, because Jerry and Jimmy in the same room?


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Jerry May Lose Insane Amount of Revenue Due to COVID-19

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this will undoubtedly be the most unique regular season in NFL history, with games likely played in front of limited, or, worse, no fans.

Jerry Jones is hoping to avoid the latter scenario as it would have apocalyptic consequences for his pocketbook.

According to Forbes, the Cowboys are estimated to lose a mind-boggling and league-high $621 million in AT&T Stadium revenue if spectators are not allowed to flock to Arlington this fall.

To put this colossal figure into perspective, the stadium revenue is projected to account for nearly two-thirds of Dallas’ total revenue — $950 million, tops in the industry — for the 2020 campaign.

As a whole, the NFL would squander approximately $5.5 billion of collective stadium revenue (38 percent of total revenue). This calculation, based on the 2018 season, is comprised of “ticket [sales], concessions, sponsors, and parking and team stores,” per Forbes.