Jorge Masvidal Reveals ‘Truth’ About Former Teammate [WATCH]

UFC's Jorge Masvidal


UFC “BMF” champ Jorge Masvidal isn’t surprised his former training partner Colby Covington is leaving American Top Team to find another gym in Florida, and the 35-year-old had plenty to say about the matter when discussing the big news with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on Wednesday.

When asked for his reaction, Masvidal was all about celebrating Covington’s departure.

“Guess who’s still here? The truth will shine my brother,” Masvidal said.

Masvidal Calls Covington ‘F*cking Cancer’

But Masvidal wasn’t all about revealing exactly why Covington was no longer part of the team. The longtime Miami fighting celebrity told Helwani he’d let the gym’s owner Dan Lambert answer those kinds of questions.

Still, Masvidal wasn’t going to let his chance to throw shade at Covington pass by so easily.

“I’ll let you ask Dan Lambert,” Masvidal said. “But that dude was never part of this team. He was just a f*cking cancer man, for the last three or four years. At the end of the day, he didn’t feel safe in here man. I wonder why.”

And Masvidal seemed all too happy to forecast what he saw in Covington’s future now that the former UFC interim welterweight champ was no longer training at one of the top MMA gyms in the world.

In short, Masvidal doesn’t expect Covington’s career to continue in the same manner.

“I’m pretty sure he’s just done man,” Masvidal said. “Life is just gonna get him out of there. I don’t see him winning anymore, not at a high level.”

Still, Masvidal knows how the sport works. Even if Covington’s skills eroded significantly because of the big change, there are plenty of opponents the UFC could dig up for Covington to help keep him winning for as long as it was good for the company.

But Masvidal thinks Covington’s days at the top of the sport are over.

“They give him some new guy that just came in, maybe,” Masvidal said. “But if they have him up there against top competition… He’s a fragile dude man. And he’s not a guy that’s mentally strong.”

‘He Used to Cry on My Couch’

Masvidal also shared a brief story with Helwani about why he labels Covington so harshly.

“I remember he used to cry on my couch all the time,” Masvidal said. “When he broke his hand the first time, he lived on my couch for about eight, nine months. Didn’t have a job, couldn’t fight, had a broken hand. And he thought about quitting two, three times. So mentally, he’s weak.”

Moreover, Masvidal suggested that the broken jaw Covington experienced in his title challenge loss to UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 in December would be something Covington wouldn’t be able to overcome.

“I’ve been hearing the same thing about the jaw,” Masvidal said. “I’d be surprised if he even comes back to fighting. That something that he was gonna fight Woodley–he wasn’t training here, he wasn’t training anywhere. He was just [running his mouth].

You can watch Masvidal’s chat with Helwani about Covington’s big move below.

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