Key Details Emerging in Anthony Davis-Lakers Contract Talks

anthony davis

Getty Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis.

While the NBA season is in limbo, one thing that is certain is that the Los Angeles Lakers want to make sure that Anthony Davis won’t be one an done with the team. The team traded most of their young talent to add the superstar, so losing him after one year would be a disaster. Fortunately, it seems there’s a very small chance he actually decides to leave.

Kyle Goon of the OC Register reported in April that the Lakers have done enough to sell him on Los Angeles for the time being. However, it remains to be seen what his contract might look like. He can opt-out and hit free agency this season. If he does do that, it’s anybody’s guess how long of a deal he’ll sign with the Lakers. Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports shed some light on how Davis’ contract situation might play out.

“It’s just a question of how long Davis’ new deal with the Lakers will be,” Smith wrote. “If the cap is a concern, Davis could opt for a shorter contract and hit the market again when his max starting salary will push close to $40 million. If the max salary isn’t a concern, Davis will sign a long-term deal this summer. He’s not going anywhere after spending half a year angling to get to Hollywood.”

As more information is provided, whether or not Davis is playing for the Lakers next season isn’t much of a concern. However, the details of the eventual contract he will sign will probably remain a mystery until it’s officially a done deal.

Analyst Explains Why Davis Might Not Opt-Out

Had the NBA season not gotten suspended due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Davis’ contract situation in the offseason would’ve been more simple. However, Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus predicts that the salary cap could be impacted in the offseason. That could change the game for Davis.

“It might not make as much sense for Davis to opt-out as initially thought,” Pincus wrote. “If the cap drops far enough, Davis may want to maximize his income by opting in and then either signing an extension or re-signing in 2021.”

The name of the game is to earn the most money possible. If Davis isn’t planning on leaving the Lakers, then opting in for next season certainly makes sense. At the end of the day, the star big man will do whatever makes him the most money in the long run.

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How Long Does Davis Want to Be a Laker?

It appears Davis will be wearing purple and gold for at least a couple more seasons. That said, it’s not a certainty that he’ll be with the team for the rest of his career. Superstar players are very mobile these days and Davis isn’t from Los Angeles, so the Lakers don’t have an advantage there. While LeBron James is still playing like the best player in the world, there’s no reason for Davis to leave. They form the NBA’s best duo and get along very well.

Unfortunately, James won’t be playing forever. He’s eight years older than Davis and probably only has two or three years left of playing like an All-Star. If the Lakers plan on retaining Davis after James retires, they need to surround him with a replacement star. He’s a great player, but he’ll need a second star to play with if the Lakers hope to win more titles. If they can do that, it’s hard to imagine Davis will leave anytime soon.

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