Lions’ Danny Amendola Should Become Fan Favorite After Playoff Comments

Danny Amendola

Getty Danny Amendola fired up after making a catch against the Giants.

The Detroit Lions brought Danny Amendola in thanks to his ability to make plays and his ability to lead, and that’s just what the team could get from their wideout this season.

Never shy about providing his opinion, Amendola was asked about what he wants for the Lions on a recent conference call, and wasn’t shy about saying that he has big plans he talks about routinely for the team. Most notably, Amendola wants to host a home playoff game at Ford Field and get the city going.

Statements like that will only endear Amendola to fans and his adopted home city even more. Amendola has experienced this in New England, and it’s this kind of leadership which makes his a player to watch. The Lions haven’t been to the playoffs since 2017 and haven’t won a game there since the 1990s, so Amendola wants to make history.

Sometimes, talking about it is the best step to making it happen. It’s clear Amendola has the experience and mindset in order to take charge and help the team over the top.

That should resonate with a fan base that is hungry to win.

Danny Amendola Working Out This Offseason

Wideout Danny Amendola recently showed off what he is doing to stay in shape during this time of quarantine, and it’s clear that he is staying on the grind and making the most of his offseason away from the field. Here’s a look at Amendola putting in the work on the JUGS machine and showing off an array of hand skills:

Not only does Amendola work with machines, he works with people as well. More specifically, he has caught passes from Colt McCoy and Baker Mayfield.

Amendola continues to impress with his tireless work ethic and dedication, and this spirit is nothing new whatsoever to those who have watched his game through the years. It’s clear that Amendola will be ready to go whenever football should return with training like this.

Kenny Golladay’s 2019 Stats

Keeping Golladay motivated doesn’t seem to be a big problem. From nearly the start of the season until the finish, Golladay had an excellent year catching the ball. So far, he’s put up 1,190 yards and 11 touchdowns. He’s had some huge games last season, and four times Golladay has gone well over 100 yards in a game catching the ball for the Lions. His ball skills are a big reason why.

In total, Golladay has enjoyed arguably the best start to a career of any wideout in his 2017 draft class not named JuJu Smith-Schuster. With 2,730 yards and 19 touchdowns thus far in his career coming into the 2020 season on the field, Golladay looks like an obvious top dog in Detroit for the foreseeable future with Matthew Stafford tossing him the rock. That’s good news for the Lions, who have long pondered how to find production at the wideout position minus Calvin Johnson. Not an issue anymore with Golladay taking over.

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Danny Amendola’s 2019 Stats

Amendola made his biggest mark in the league when he was on the Patriots, but he had an impressive bounce back season in 2019. He put up 678 yards and 1 touchdown for the Lions last year. That was one year after his 575 yard performance with the Miami Dolphins. As a whole, he’s put up 5,362 yards and 21 touchdowns in the NFL, which are very solid numbers.

This past season, Amendola didn’t look to be slowing down at 34 years old with the Lions. It’s likely that he has plenty left, and the Lions likely love his leadership as much as his ability to make key catches in traffic for the team.

The reason has everything to do with his motivation for what he wants to see the team accomplish.

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