Michael Jordan’s Eyes Have ‘The Last Dance’ Fans Worried

Michael Jordan Yellow Eyes

Getty Fans are concerned about Michael Jordans eyes.

Michael Jordan’s eyes have garnered a lot of attention thanks to his extended interviews featured in The Last Dance. The new documentary is not only unique with previously unreleased footage of Jordan’s final season with the Bulls, but it also features lengthy interviews with the NBA legend where he is surprisingly candid.

During some of the close-up shots, Jordan’s eyes look discolored prompting some fans to wonder about his health. There is no evidence to suggest that Jordan has any health issues. All indications are Jordan is healthy and staying busy as the Charlotte Hornets owner along with his ever-growing business with Jordan Brand.

“Why were Michael Jordan’s eyes bloodshot during the interviews for the documentary?” The Boomer and Gio Show’s Al Hughes Dukes wondered on Twitter.

There are numerous tweets from fans and sports media members alike that ask similar questions of genuine concern about Jordan.

Jordan Donated $7 Million to Start a Medical Clinic in Charlotte

During his NBA career, Jordan became passionate about health and fitness as a way to take his game to the next level. Jordan donated $7 million in 2019 to create the Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina. The medical center was created as a resource for low-income residents to receive the treatment they need regardless of insurance.

“It’s … from the heart,” Jordan said at the grand opening, per BET.com. “I stand here before you as a proud parent, son, obviously a member of this community. You see my name, but yet you see a lot of people behind me and the commitment, especially from my mom, about caring for other people and being a part of a community that matters.”

Jordan Famously Started the “Breakfast Club” Workouts as a Response to the Physical Pistons Team in the Early 90s

Early in Jordan’s career, the Pistons started using the “Jordan Rules” as a way to take advantage of physicality to limit his effectiveness on the court. Jordan’s longtime trainer Tim Grover discussed what prompted Jordan’s desire to add muscle and start the “Breakfast Club” early morning workouts.

“Michael’s mentality was, ‘Not only do I want to be able to take the physical pounding that the Pistons are dishing out but I also want to be able to give some of it back to them,'” Grover explained to Jordan.com. “…It was like having a gathering every single morning of individuals for the purpose of getting them on the same page, getting them prepared. You know a lot of guys now start thinking about the game when they get to the arena. With Breakfast Club, when we were working out at 5am, 6am or 7am that’s when our preparation started.”

While fans may be concerned about Jordan’s health, American Academy of Ophthalmology noted that the brownish coloring of eyes can be a benign condition.

The most common cause of the whites of the eyes taking on a brownish and sometimes blotchy color in African-Americans is melanin pigment in the surface tissue of the eye, known as the sclera and conjunctiva. This is benign and there is no treatment safe enough to use for such a benign condition.

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