Ray Lewis is NFL’s Michael Jordan Reveals Football Great [VIDEO]

Michael Jordan's college teammate says MJ feared Lawrence Taylor

Getty Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls

For most of April and May, the world’s eyes have been glued to television screens to watch ESPN’s release of The Last Dance, a ten-part documentary series that profiled the Chicago Bulls’ final season.

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, ESPN's The Last Dance Documentary & moreAhead of ESPN's The Last Dance Documentary, NBA legend, Kendall Gill discussed Kobe Bryant and more with Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson on the Scoop B Radio Podcast: scoopbradio.com/2020/04/audio-scoop-b-radio-overtime-f-kendall-gill-nba-analyst-scoopbnetsweek-2020/ Kendall Gill and Scoop B discussed differences between Michael Jordan and more: heavy.com/sports/2020/04/michael-jordan-lebron-james-the-last-dance/2020-04-18T20:08:31.000Z

Guided by head coach, Phil Jackson, that 1997-98 Bulls team had Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Scott Burrell, Jason Caffey and other notables on their roster.

The NBA wasn’t the only fraternity of athletes intrigued by The Last Dance.

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, NFL legend, Tiki Barber revealed his thoughts on The Last Dance and shared with listeners who the NFL’s Michael Jordan equivalent could be. His answer may surprise you.

Check out a snippet from our Q&A below:

Tiki Barber on his opinion on the Chicago Bulls documentary ‘Last Dance’ –

“I did watch the ‘Last Dance’. How could you not? Michael Jordan is one of the icons in the world of sports and to get an inside look, it was worth seeing man; as much as we think we know about Michael Jordan, I don’t think I realized how hard he was on his teammates. I knew he was a winner but, I didn’t think that he was that hard on guys. And I enjoyed it man. You relive one of the iconic dynasties in sport and Michael’s a great sense of character; his emotion… and one thing I walked away with wondering, and I don’t know if we’re ever going to know this answer – Was he like, happy? Did he really enjoy it? Or – because even still to this day, he’s spiteful about some of those things. Being a billionaire a couple times over, six championships and he’s revered. But I couldn’t figure it out. Is he happy with his life? Because I would be! [laughs]…”

Tiki Barber on who is the NFL’s Michael Jordan –

Ray Lewis

GettyRay Lewis during the Super Bowl on radio row.

The Answer is:


“I mean if you want to put apples to apples like that, meaning someone who’s acheioved as much and had that same kind of attitude, it wouldn’t be Tom Brady. The success side would be Tom, but I don’t know who had that type of success that had that kind of attitude. Maybe Ray Lewis was this way. Ray was intense man; Ray made it hard on everybody but most of those guys on those Ravens teams came with him. They got it. They understood. Football being a physical sport like it is, and if you don’t have that ‘I’m gonna rip your heart out mentality’, there’s just no way to be successful over time. But Ray did it for a long time and won a couple championships. So I’ll probably say Ray on the intensity side. But on the success side, it would DEFINITELY be Tom Brady.”