Giants are Huge Factors in Jamal Adams’ Trade Request

Giants Huge reason why Jamal Adams requested a trade

Getty Jamal Adams of the New York Jets

No, Jamal Adams isn’t going to be traded to the New York Giants. The possibility of the New York Jets’ All-Pro safety pulling a Leonard Williams and being dealt to the team’s intra-city rival is all but a pipe dream.

However, that doesn’t mean that Big Blue hasn’t played a major role in Adams’ decision to request a trade. In fact, they may just be the main catalyst for his demands out of New York altogether.

How the Giants Fit into Jamal Adams’ Trade Request

No one questions whether or not Adams deserves to be paid big-time money, his production over the first three seasons of his pro career speaks for itself. Yet, what people do question is if it would be a smart business decision on the Jets end to re-up a player that still has two years remaining on his rookie contract.

While many have pegged head coach Adam Gase as the glaring reason behind Adams’ request, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington took to Sportscenter on Saturday to shed some light on another factor behind his thinking, one that hits more at home for the star safety.

His father, George Adams, who he is very close to was drafted by the New York Giants in 1985 as a first-round pick. The next year in training camp, after having a pretty solid rookie season, he suffered a severe hip injury that ultimately ended his career. George Adams has since had two hip replacement surgeries. He never got paid, essentially, the big dollars for his NFL career. Jamal Adams looks at that situation and says, ‘I need to get paid as soon as I can because you never know when this game is taken away from you.’

Maybe a little explanation into why he’s so upset with the Jets, who he believes told him in January that they were going to extend him long-term and never did. The Jets side of it, Adams does have two years remaining on his contract. It does feel early to pay a guy who is on a team-friendly deal at this point. You could see both sides. But certainly, when you add that personal side of the story with Jamal Adams, you start to understand why he’s so passionate and motivated to get that money.

George Adams’ playing career actually continued through the 1991 season, including three more years with the G-Men following his hip injury. However, he failed to ever regain his pre-injury form, in return never receiving that big-money contract that he desired.

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Adams Coming to the NFC East?

While the Giants may have inadvertently made themselves a driving force behind Adams’ desire to leave Gang Green, Big Blue may ultimately have to deal with the repercussions on a yearly basis moving forward.

It’s been reported that Adams has informed the Jets that his preferred trade destinations includes eight teams in total. Two of those teams just happen to reign within the Giants’ division, that being the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Coincidence?