Raiders’ Derek Carr Preaches Unity: ‘I Want the Fighting to Stop’

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Getty Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek is not one to speak out about political topics. He typically sticks to football. However, he did issue a strong statement about the death of George Floyd shortly after the news broke. He was joined by a number of other prominent quarterbacks to condemn the violence against Floyd.

However, Carr and many of the quarterbacks who have spoken out were quiet when Colin Kaepernick was dominating the news cycle in 2016 because of his protest of the National Anthem.’s Jim Trotter reached out to Carr about his decision to speak out now and the quarterback gave a lengthy statement:

For years, we have all been taught to “just stay out of politics.” (When one side is so far one way and the other side is so far the other.) Not just as a white athlete, but all athletes in general. I think over the last couple of years, people have begun to break down these barriers by using their platform for what they believe is right.

Something I was always taught as an athlete was to keep your head down and be you when there is a major headlining story. I use my platform to preach all over the world, which is an honor and a blessing. But recently, it started to weigh heavy on my heart that it was time to stand up and say what I have been feeling for a long time, disregarding what anyone from any standpoint had to say or think about it. I felt in my heart this was the right moment to speak up, to not care so much about politics but instead speak truth.

I have been angered and heartbroken by any loss of life in the past, but now I feel that I am in a place where I can make a difference with my actions and not just my words. I’m working closely with teammates and higher-ups in the Las Vegas community to take actual actions and stride to make our country better.

My goal is simple, and that is to unite people. Nothing bigger, nothing smaller. Unity is how we will see real change occur! As a spiritual, God-fearing man, I believe that our country is dealing with major spiritual, heart and system issues. Therefore, I firmly believe the blood Jesus shed on the cross is the answer; not fighting and anger.

I feel the same way today as I always have. I want everyone to feel loved and welcomed. I want every life to be so precious to everyone. I want people to love their neighbors just as they love themselves. I want a genuine respect and unity for every life that lives in these United States and calls it home.

I want the fighting to stop. I want people to help people in need. I want to see people stop striving for power in politics and actually do what they say they were going to do. I want to see prayer back in schools. I want to see team sports be a place where all different walks of life come together for a common goal in our communities. I want to see children raised up loving everyone and not counting them out before they actually know them. That’s what I want to see.

Mark Davis Wants to Find Solutions

While Carr’s statement stressed the importance of unity, Raiders owner Mark Davis wants to help find solutions.

“If they have something to say, I’ll stand beside them,” Davis said Sunday, per ESPN. “I won’t stand behind them. I’ll stand beside them. And if there’s something I don’t know, I’m happy to listen to them. We’ve got to find a solution.”

As new members of the Las Vegas community, both Carr and Davis have said they are working with the city to see what they can do to help. The Raiders are a powerful franchise that has die hard fans all across the country and could be a strong voice in trying to find real solutions.

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Raiders Address Shooting of Las Vegas Officer

According to KNTV in Las Vegas, an officer named Shay Mikalonis was shot during a protest near Circus Circus hotel-casino. The latest update from KNTV said that Mikalonis is on life support. The Raiders offered their thoughts on prayers to the officer.

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