Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Says He Selects Chiefs While Playing Madden

Patrick Mahomes Lamar Jackson

Getty Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson meet after a game.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson might be the cover star of Madden 21, but the reigning NFL MVP likes to pick a well-known rival when he calls plays from a digital standpoint.

Speaking on the Ringer’s Kevin Clark’s “Slow News Day” program, the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner confirmed that the reigning Super Bowl champions are his team of choice when he’s looking to perfect his Madden skills.

Lamar Jackson on Playing Without Fans, 'Madden 21,' and Patrick Mahomes | Slow News Day | The RingerRavens quarterback Lamar Jackson can now add "‘Slow News Day’ guest" to his résumé. The NFL MVP joins The Ringer’s Kevin Clark to discuss being the 'Madden 21' cover athlete, what NFL games would be like without fans in the stadium, and more. Subscribe to our channel: therin.gr/5te1wFL CONNECT Shop: theringer.com/shop Website: theringer.com Twitter: twitter.com/ringer…2020-06-16T14:00:13Z

Whoever the best team is,” the 23-year-old said. “I like the Chiefs. I go with whoever the best team is in Madden. I don’t want to lose, so that’s what I’m doing.”

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Jackson have faced off twice since they both took their talents on a professional level. Both times, the reigning Super Bowl champions have defeated the AFC North powerhouse. While analysts believe this is the beginning of a storied rivalry, Jackson would beg to differ.

“I’m not trying to have no rivalry. The only way to look it it — rivalries and stuff like that — is we’re just playing football now — trying to win. He’s been winning right now — so there’s no rivalry right now.”

Mahomes Responds to ‘Stick to Sports’ Crowd

Both Jackson and Mahomes are slowly becoming a couple of the leading faces in the NFL, and the Chiefs play caller can hold his own against critics. When asked his thoughts regarding those who claim he should “stick to sports,” the Super Bowl MVP did not mince words.

“We are people too,” the 24-year-old said. “I feel like those people [who say stick to sports] have kids and they understand that their kid could play sports and their kids could possibly be in the same position that we’re in. They would want their kids to show their heart and show who they truly are and try to affect the world in the most positive way possible. That’s what we believe that we’re doing. And so obviously, we know that not everyone agrees with everything that you’re going to say. Just know that when we say stuff, we mean it and we care and we want to make the world the best place for our future kids and for generations to come behind us.”

Kansas City to Recognize Juneteenth as Team Holiday

Earlier this week, the Chiefs confirmed that they will be observing Juneteenth — Friday, June 19 — as a team holiday. The franchise made the announcement via Twitter Monday night.

“As our community and the country work toward a future without racial inequality and the injustices that have remained engrained in our society for far too long, the Kansas City Chiefs will recognize Juneteenth on Friday, June 19th as a holiday. During this time, the club’s offices will be closed and we encourage our staff to examine how each of us and our organization can work towards a better future together.”

This comes off the heels of the NFL making the same statement Friday, making Juneteenth an official league holiday and and that league offices would be closed on June 19.

In his remarks, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he wants staff to use June 19 as a day to “reflect on our past but, more importantly, consider how each one of us can continue to show up and band together to work toward a better future.”

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