Seahawks Free-Agent Jadeveon Clowney’s New List Features Surprise Teams

Jadeveon Clowney Cowboys

Getty Jadeveon Clowney reportedly has the Cowboys on the top of his wish list.

As the calendar turns to July, Seattle Seahawks free-agent pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney remains on the market. The latest news on Clowney has the defensive end eying two teams who have rarely been mentioned as contenders for the pass rusher. Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline reported on the Draft Insiders podcast that Clowney’s preference is to play for either the Dallas Cowboys or New Orleans Saints.

“I was told the two teams on top of Clowney’s list, as far as where he would like to end up are the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints,” Pauline explained. “He would definitely help both of those teams. Both of them are a little bit cash-strapped, the Saints have less than $9 million under the cap. The Cowboys are about $11.2 million below the cap. So, I don’t think either of [them] is going to be enough to bring Clowney in. They would have to do some significant maneuvering of salary in order to bring him in for a year, if in fact those teams want him. I don’t know that they want him, I know Clowney wouldn’t mind ending up with either the Cowboys or the Saints from what I’m told.”

The Browns and Titans have been two popular teams listed as the Seahawks’ top competition for Clowney’s services. Pauline’s report indicates that Clowney’s preference would be to sign with either the Cowboys or Saints, two teams who have not typically been mentioned as possible landing spots. It remains to be seen whether Clowney is prepared to take a significant pay cut to sign with either squad.

Clowney’s Preference Is Reportedly to Sign a 1-Year Deal With a Contending Team

Pauline noted that Clowney is willing to sign a short-term deal with a contender. It is a bit puzzling given the Seahawks are believed to have offered a one-year deal after Clowney turned down their long-term contract. Yet, Clowney remains on the market hoping for a bidding war that has no signs of emerging.

“What I’m told is right now by people in his camp, that Clowney would be just as happy signing a one-year deal with a playoff-contending team versus say a three-year deal with a middle-of-the-road franchise,” Pauline noted. “If he can get a decent one-year deal from a team that was in the playoffs. A team that he can help take to the next level. …I’m told he would be very happy to do that.”

Clowney may also believe that these two teams give him the best opportunity to put up sack numbers. The pass rusher’s stats in Seattle were not as impressive as he would have liked, but he also faced significant double-teams given the Seahawks’ lack of other difference-makers on the defensive line last season.

Cam Newton’s Signing Leaves Jadeveon Clowney as One of the Few Marquee Players Remaining on the Market

Cam Newton had been indirectly linked to Clowney this offseason thanks to both players being former No. 1 picks yet remaining unsigned. Newton’s signing with the Patriots leaves Clowney as one of the few marquee players remaining on the market.

It will be interesting to see if Clowney will be able to begin meeting in-person with teams. With just weeks to go before training camp, Clowney returning to Seattle looks less and less likely, but fans can never rule out any possibility with John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

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