Bears Coach Keeps Posting Jacked Workout Hype Videos [LOOK]

Chicago Bears WR coach Mike Furrey

Getty Chicago Bears WR coach Mike Furrey was a Walter Payton Man of the Year Finalist as a player in 2010.

Everything about Mike Furrey is fun: his name, his demeanor, his attitude, his history as a player. The current wide receivers coach for the Chicago Bears, Furrey played both safety and wideout over his seven seasons in he NFL, and he has been coaching the receivers in Chicago since 2018.

In a short time, Furrey has become an endearing and colorful presence on the sidelines, and prior to the start of his third season with the Bears, he has been sharing a series of videos and photos on social media that feature both incredible workouts and hype messages.

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Furrey is Posting Inspirational Workout Videos With Messages For the ‘Haters’

Followers of Furrey on Instagram and Twitter have been getting a flurry of workout videos over the last few weeks, all of which have some sort of motivational or mega-hype message attached.

“Mentally you have to set your Mind on the End! What’s your End Game? Then start working for it! Stay Blessed My Friends! Miss every player that’s had an impact on OUR family,” Furrey captioned with one Instagram post. Here’s a sample of some of the more recent photos and videos he has shared:

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Often in life we come across obstacles, failures, moments of discouragement & doors shut right in our face, we often face jealousy & Envy, half the people that cheer for you are fake, most people want you to fail, some family members don’t believe in you & well you’re pretty much left alone, by yourself, trying to become something, to do something with your life, I STAND w/ You All! You have to love the lonely road, the haters, the doubters, use them to Motivate YOU! Don’t need encouragement, Don’t need a fan club, All U Need is Goals, Huge Expectations – Why Not – We Live Once! Therefore push to prove them All Wrong! I want to help you achieve, to feel ALIVE and to all @liveagreatstory – Live! #homegym #goals #goalsetting #selfmotivated #change #choice #live #motivate #encouragement #strong #dedicated #mission #plan #workout #work #story

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FINISHER 4 Today & For the WEEK! Brought to you by @andykatzenmoyer aka “Big Cat” 25 Years Ago! Still Works! Let’s Grind! Rest Day Tomorrow – Then Time 2 Train! Mentally you have to set your Mind on the End! What’s your End Game? Then start working for it! Stay Blessed My Friends! Miss every player that’s had an impact on OUR family (All of U) – I know it’s tough to talk or see each other on a daily basis, I also know that many of you probably listened to @korenfurrey & I trying to help you grow up but at that moment you didn’t Act! I pray now as you grow wiser and older you will put the LESSONS into Action – Great Husband, Great Father – Great Man! ✌️ until Monday! Short note @therock the UA Project Rock 2’s are one the way! They better add some Vein Popping, Sweat Dropping, Muscle Ripping —— I’ll just stop there! Hungry and Hard Working! Let’s Go! #swole #muscles #veins #curves

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Furrey Brings Unique Energy; Played With Matt Nagy in 2002

Furrey and Bears head coach Matt Nagy were New York Dragons teammates for a year in 2002, during their arena football league days, and Nagy brought him aboard shortly after he was named Chicago’s head coach. As you can see in any of the above videos, Furrey brings a unique and intense energy with him, and he doesn’t hesitate to let his fiery personality show.

Other than new arrival Ted Ginn Jr., the Bears’ wide receivers room is full of youth, so a young and energetic coach with experience playing on both sides of the ball is a definite asset for this team. Furrey also understands daily fitness goals and grinds better than most, and he can explain what defensive backs may be thinking from a perspective few others who coach his position can. Plus, if Furrey brings this much intensity to his own personal workouts, imagine how animated he is during team workouts? The Bears are quite lucky to have him.

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