Jason Brown: Where Is ‘Last Chance U’ Coach Now in 2020?

Last Chance U Coach

Getty Former Last Chance U coach Jason Brown pictured with his book.

The last time many fans saw Jason Brown, the coach was resigning from Independence Community College in Last Chance U season four. With the show moving on to Laney College, some are wondering what Coach Brown is doing now that Netflix is no longer following him as part of their docu-series.

Brown does not appear to be coaching again, but he is working on several business ventures. The former Indy coach recently launched his new signature Slapdick cigars and whiskey.

Brown also has his own podcast entitled Slapdick and remains active on social media. In addition to the podcast, Brown stays connected to football by offering monthly classes for players and coaches through a Patreon subscription.

Brown Resigned After Sending a Text to a Student Referring to Himself as Hitler

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Brown’s resignation came after a text to German student Alexandros Alexiou was made public where he referred to himself as “Hitler”. KOAM News reported the string of texts causing Independence to receive backlash.

“I’m your new Hitler figure out your life,” the text read.

Brown later defended his choice of words noting it was part of an inside joke he had with Alexiou.

“Me and that kid, people don’t realize, we screwed around like that every day because he called himself and the team called him that,” Brown noted to The Express in a 2019 interview. “Everybody knew that and he knew that about himself and for him to switch on it and turn on it just to get 15 minutes of fame is what the real cowardly act was, you know? …I still to this day do not blame kids, because kids know what they know and don’t know what they don’t know. It’s the cowardly acts of adults who know better who pushed this.”

Brown Released His Own Book Hate Me Now, Love Me Later

The former Last Chance U coach also released his own book in 2019 entitled Hate Me Now, Love Me Later. The book tells the story of his coaching journey and gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at junior college football. During a recent Instagram post, Brown referred to himself as retired and criticized coaches for not caring about their players.

“This right here! This right here is what bring my a– of retirement!” Brown explained. “These fake a– coaches who can give a s— less about these kids! Which AD is gonna wake up and hire a real one? One who cares about the kid not the paycheck and his image? #hatemenowlovemelater”

Independence was the second school featured on Last Chance U, but after shooting seasons three and four in Kansas the producers featured Laney College in Oakland for year five. During a July 2019 interview, Brown noted to Kentucky Sports Radio that he did not feel that he was always accurately portrayed on the Netflix show.

“Why do I need to tell everybody that? I owe nobody nothing, fellas,” Brown explained. “I owe no one nothing. You guys don’t know me. You don’t understand, I owe nobody nothing but those kids. Those kids are all I care about and they know the truth. So that allows me to sleep at night, not you guys ridiculing me. I give two squirts what you think.”

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