‘I Wish It Was Better:’ Lamar Jackson Laughs off Madden 21 Rating

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson celebrates a score against Seattle.

Lamar Jackson found out about his new rating on the Madden 21 video game on ESPN’s SportsCenter and his reaction was that of surprise and laughter.

Even though Jackson was one of the highest rated players in the game for the Baltimore Ravens, he still wasn’t satisfied with where he placed in the pecking order. When he got the official number revealed to him, the reaction was that of laughter for Jackson in the heat of the moment.

Here’s a look:

“94? I wish it was better, but hey, it’s better than it was last year. I guess we can roll with it until the season starts,” Jackson said.

The final part of the quote is most telling for Jackson, as it’s clear he is very motivated to get himself to the point where nobody has to question his rating for the game. Still, his reaction says it all in terms of players.

Lamar Jackson’s Madden 21 Rating

As the player ratings for this year’s version of the game begin to trickle out, some quarterbacks have seen their numbers revealed. Jackson was predictably near the top of the league with a 94 ranking. That’s just behind Patrick Mahomes (99) and Russell Wilson (97) who were near flawless for the ratings.

While Jackson was not tops overall in terms of the actual rating, he was tops in the speed department, which isn’t a shock to anyone who saw him operate during the 2019 season.

Obviously, Jackson is one of the best players set to star in the upcoming game, and it will be interesting to see how good he is when all is said and done. Those that use him likely agree with Jackson being rated so highly.

Lamar Jackson’s Madden 21 Cover

Recently, a preview of the game was dropped by EA Sports and part of the preview involved getting a look at game play. Jackson was a big part of that, and some new clips showed just how electric the quarterback is even virtually.

Here’s a look at the covers which Jackson will grace in 2020.

Jackson himself reacted, saying it was a dream come true to make it on the cover of the game.

Overall, it’s nice to see Jackson getting the love that comes with being the cover athlete. Baltimore Ravens fans will have to hope the luck from Patrick Mahomes carries over and there is no “Madden Curse” for this season.

Madden 21 is officially scheduled hit stores August 25, 2020.

Lamar Jackson Not Fearing Madden Curse

Going into next season, the Ravens were long assumed to have a player that made it all the way to the cover of the video game in Jackson, their superstar quarterback. Now that is indeed the case, Jackson could have to worry about a curse from the Madden video game perhaps plaguing him.

That might not be the case, however, as the Ravens site explained in the past as well. Recently, Patrick Mahomes completed a season in which he won the Super Bowl and was the game’s MVP. He suffered injury in the middle of the year, but rebounded in time to drive the Chiefs forward and help them win.

If Jackson makes the cover, should he be worried? Maybe not after all.

“I don’t believe in no curse. I play football. If it comes, it comes but I’m playing football at the end of the day. Tom Brady was on the cover at one point and still won the Super Bowl,” he said in the clip.

Now that Jackson’s on the cover, it’s clear he still believes such things, and might also be holding a bit of a grudge against his rating in the game. That’s bad news for the opposition in 2020.

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