Jersey Swap Between Lions, Pistons Yields Cool Results [LOOK]

Lions Fans

Getty Lions fans before the Thanksgiving Day game in 2019.

The Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons play different sports, but what would it look like if the sides swapped uniforms? Pretty interesting it turns out.

Recently, designer Ryan Witthoff showed off some jersey swaps from around the league, and the pair of Detroit teams were included. As it turns out, the look isn’t terrible for either side with the Pistons “Motor City” jersey looking quite good as an NFL kit.

Here’s a look at the swap:

The Lions jersey as an NBA uniform might not look as good as the Pistons jersey being turned into an NFL uniform, but as a whole, it’s a pretty decent swap for the teams.

Fans that like this look are now free to fantasize about what it might look like on the court or field.

Lions Jersey Called One of NFL’s Best

Recently, the team posed a question to the internet at large. What uniform would everyone rank as their most and least favorite heading into a game? The responses from fans and pundits varied, but Trevor Sikkema gave the team credit as it relates to their throwback look.

In a tweet, Sikkema called the simple uniform, which features a silver helmet, blue jersey and silver pants “top tier” in the league.

Indeed, simple is often the best look, and these beautiful uniforms evoke memories of Lions teams past for fans, and also of Barry Sanders and company running wild in the 1990s. To that end, it’s no surprise to see them getting more love on the internet.

Many have called for the team to use these jerseys more, and it seems the Lions are interested in doing so given they wore them in significant games the team plays. More exposure might just make more people appreciate them like this.

Lions Jersey History

Detroit’s classic look mentioned above is a throwback nod to their first looks from the 1930s. The Lions wore the throwbacks a ton on Thanksgiving and brought the look back within their last re-design after it had departed for some time. Since, they’ve worn it on Thanksgiving and also during “big” home games. As part of the re-design, Detroit also revealed their all gray Color Rush uniform, their traditional blue and silver and a look with white jerseys and silver pants.

The team’s uniform also features the WCF patch on the shoulder, a nod to former long time owner William Clay Ford, who passed away in 2014. Since being unveiled, many have said they consider the new Detroit threads to be amongst the best in the NFL, and the team has gotten credit for their shakeup in font and design.

Detroit has had a few different looks in the past, most notable of which is a black jersey that debuted during Matt Millen’s time with the franchise. Most fans didn’t like the look but a vocal few still maintain that Detroit should bring black back into their color scheme.

One look the Lions have never had? Red, which was actually a color the team featured from their days as the Portsmouth Spartans. With the Lions long known as a Honolulu Blue and silver team, a red look could be downright confusing, so don’t expect that one to enter the lexicon soon.

Don’t expect these looks either, no matter how appealing they might be to the eye.

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