Mario Chalmers Reveals Why He’d Help Lakers, LeBron James Win Championship

Getty Former Miami Heat teammates LeBron James, Mario Chalmers and Dwyane Wade.

Over the weekend, Mario Chalmers let social media know that he’s ready to take over starting point guard duties for the Los Angeles Lakers after Rajon Rondo after news from the Disney World, Orlando Bubble revealed that Rajon Rondo would be out for several weeks with a fractured thumb.

In a comments section from Bleacher Report, Chalmers stated: “Sounds like Lakers need another PG….been patiently waiting and workin.

While promoting his participation in the heavily anticipated The 5 Tournament Pay Per View extravaganza, Chalmers appeared on today’s episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

The two-time NBA Champ expanded on his belief that he could be the man to help Anthony Davis, JR Smith and former Miami Heat teammate, LeBron James win a championship.

“I have been working,” Mario Chalmers tells Scoop B Radio.

“Have been patiently waiting for opportunities and I just feel like with my background and all the things I built here; winning championships, and I feel like with my knowledge at least I could help a team whether you want to play me or put me at the end of the bench as a vet leader, you know? I have been through almost every situation when it comes to basketball and has won. So, I feel like that I have a lot of knowledge that I can pass down to the young guys and I can still compete and play if my number is called so, why not shoot my shot? The world is all about chances. I was raised in a household that closed mouths never get fed. So I just threw that out there and maybe I get a bite and maybe I don’t but, at least they know I’m working and I’m paying attention to what’s going on.”

Chalmers believes he brings a Championship pedigree to the Lakers.

“For me, it would just be my basketball IQ,” said Chalmers.

“Because like I said I’ve been through every situation in basketball, I’ve been to four Finals; won two of them so, there’s not much that’s happened in the basketball world that I’ve not seen. I’m not saying that I’m the best point guard out there you know; I’ll be out there dominating when I get my chance, but I can definitely help a team. Come in there, give you some basketball knowledge, that can get the guy the open shot, I can play defense and also I have chemistry with ‘Bron. I have been on teams and have won championships with him before. It’s like, why not put some basketball minds together and put it to work? You have one person that can do it on the court and you got another person that can create help and teach the young guys and show how to get to that level, and that’s exactly what I can do because you can’t prepare for anything that you’ve never been to so, that’s one thing – the way I see it from my perspective.”

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