Mike Evans Fires Back at Keenan Allen: ‘You Not on My Level Bro’

Mike Evans fires back at Keenan Allen

Getty Mike Evans responds to Keenan Allen

NFL Network kicked off the start of their much-awaited NFL Top-100 players for 2020 list on Sunday. The Network revealed players 100 through 71, with multiple newcomers such as Kyler Murray and Josh Jacobs littered throughout the list.

However, it was a mainstay on the list whose drop 39 spots from the season prior left him quite a bit unraveled.

With the list compiled by fellow NFL players, Los Angeles Chargers star wide receiver took to Twitter to voice his displeasure to his league-mates, in the midst calling out a few fellow wideouts in the process. Namely, Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Allen didn’t stop there, claiming “Starting to think I did something to somebody !” in response to the NFL Network’s twitter account announcing Allen’s placement. He later went on to anoint himself “THE BEST WR IN THE AFC WEST!!! Without question!!!,” a conference that consists of the aforementioned Tyreek Hill and Courtland Sutton amongst others.

Bucs Duo Fires Back at Allen

Upon catching wind of Allen’s disgruntled Twitter tirade, Mike Evans decided to chime in. While the Buccaneers star applauded Allen for his confidence, he poked a bit of fun at the wideout for tagging the wrong Chris Godwin in his tweet, before telling the Bolts receiver to be realistic, “you not on my level bro.”

Evans certainly has a solid case in his argument. While Allen is clearly one of the craftiest and quite frankly more underrated receivers in recent memory, Evans’ stats speak for themselves.
Evans has topped 1,000-yards receiving in each of his first six NFL seasons. The only other WR accomplish such a feat in NFL history? None other than Hall of Famer Randy Moss.
Evans wasn’t the only Bucs receiver to respond to Allen. Chris Godwin, fresh off his first-ever 1,000-yard campaign, opted to take a much lighter approach.

Tyreek Hill has remained rather silent on the situation, as of now only retweeting Godwin’s response to Allen. Instead, it appears Hill decided to let his game-breaking skillset and shiny new Super Bowl ring do most of the talking.

While Hill is clearly the most prolific of the receivers in terms of pure production, chances are none of the other receivers deprive opposing defensive coordinators of sleep the night before a game quite like Hill and his all-world speed.

This is no slide to Allen, who since overcoming early-career injury woes has catapulted himself into the upper echelon of receivers. Quite frankly, Allen has room to be upset. To place a receiver, who over the past three NFL seasons has averaged 101 receptions and 1,263 yards, as only the 77th-best player in football is a disservice to his talents.
However, Allen may have better things to focus on moving forward, as in the words of his new teammate, Chris Harris, “we chasing HOF.”


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