John Harbaugh Praises Lamar Jackson’s Mindset: ‘He’s Very Motivated’

Lamar Jackson John Harbaugh

Getty Lamar Jackson hugs John Harbaugh after a Ravens game.

The are pushing into an important 2020 season and one of the biggest variables to their success will be the play of Lamar Jackson.

Last season, the quarterback was elite and in a class of his own as the best player in the league. But that was then and this is now, and Jackson has some new goals for the coming year. Tops amongst them is winning a Super Bowl. Jackson’s coach John Harbaugh has been impressed with how his mind is working heading into this season.

As he explained in a recent press conference, Jackson has been leading by example and is locked in on his goals for this year.

Harbaugh said:

“He’s very motivated, he’s very determined. He’s worked really hard. He’s really a realist. He really understands what’s required and what he needs to do to take his game to the level that brings our team to a championship. That’s what he wants to do. That’s his whole focus.”

Jackson really wants to win and win big, which his coach loves. It’s nice to see the renewed focus ahead of a new season and just after a great past season.

Lamar Jackson Wants to Win Super Bowl

Recently, Jackson was on ESPN explaining what he feels about his career trajectory and what there is left for him to do in the league. Obviously, there’s plenty on the list, but high on it for Jackson seems to be achieving Super Bowl glory, something he’s watched Patrick Mahomes do this season that likely helped him secure the richest contract in NFL history.

As Jackson said shown by, the next step for him is simply to win on the biggest stage of them all, no questions asked.

Jackson said:

“I gotta win a Super Bowl, I gotta get me where he’s at,” Jackson said on the telecast regarding what he has to do in order to get paid. “It’s a crazy number, nobody has ever dreamed about that. They’ve probably dreamed about it but no one expected that, especially half a million dollars but he deserves it.”

Whether Jackson deserves it or not is a current matter of great debate and public discourse but it’s clear that the quarterback is motivated to prove in the future that he deserves it by winning the biggest trophy of them all. Whether his motivations be money or personal desire for glory, give Jackson credit for outlining what he has to do and going after it.

Lamar Jackson Wants Patrick Mahomes’ Career Trajectory

Speaking recently, Jackson explained what he wanted for the next step in his career, and he admitted it would be nice for him to do what the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback did recently in terms of being a league MVP who then manages to win the Super Bowl.

Jackson has seemingly done everything a quarterback can in the early part of his career short of having playoff success. That’s the next step for the Ravens as well, as they have struggled to get over the hump in recent years. Like it or not, that will continue to define Jackson and the team in the short term. He’s not above saying he wishes to accomplish what a rival has at this point.

Jackson should enter 2020 with as good a chance of anyone to make these goals a reality.

Lamar Jackson Stats

This past season, Jackson has been the epitome of a dual-threat quarterback and one of the leaders in the next generation of quarterbacks that will make waves in the league. After the action concluded last week, Jackson has put up 3,127 passing yards and 36 touchdowns through the air. On the ground, he has rumbled for 1,206 yards and 7 touchdowns. As a whole, the Ravens have managed to find the best of Jackson on the field. Arguably, he’s become the most obvious MVP candidate in the league given these types of things.

Since being drafted out of Louisville, Jackson has begun to rewrite the book in the league in terms of what a quarterback is and can be. The fact that he was a shoo-in as an All-Pro is a testament to how good Jackson has been in 2019.

Winning a Super Bowl seems to be the only thing that matters to Jackson at this point in time, which is something his coach loves to see.

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