Ravens Credit Mark Ingram for Being Hype Man [WATCH]

Mark Ingram

Getty Mark Ingram shouts from the Ravens bench.

The Baltimore Ravens have a great player in running back Mark Ingram, but it just so happens they also have one of the best teammates in the entire NFL.

Ingram is never shy about proclaiming his love for the players he competes with, and recently, the team compiled a great video of all Ingram’s best hits when he is fired up about the players he competes with on the field.

Here’s a look:

Ingram is always touting his teammates and this is another great example of this. His favorite target is quarterback Lamar Jackson, and the best part of the video is Ingram hyping up Jackson as the MVP constantly on the field and off.

Anyone who joins the Ravens has a teammate willing to go the distance in Ingram,

Lamar Jackson Gets Mark Ingram Hype in 2019

Even though his play speaks for itself, sometimes, Lamar Jackson even relies on Ingram to be his own personal hype man. That much was proven true again after the Ravens demolished the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football late last season amid another career night from Jackson.

Following the game, Erin Andrews of Fox Sports spoke with both Jackson and Ingram, and it was clear neither wanted to talk about themselves, but both were more interested in doing most of the talking about the other.

Here’s the video:

“Man he’s special man. I’ve been telling you all since I don’t know how many weeks ago, he is the MVP front runner. Now I’m going to tell you he is the MVP,” Ingram said of Jackson. “He’s great, he does everything necessary to be a great quarterback. Puts it all on the line for his teammates, humble. We’re blessed. We’re happy for him and we’re just going to keep it going.”

When he had his chance to speak about Ingram, Jackson, typically a man of few words, didn’t hold back either.

“That’s a beast. I’ve been saying it early in the season, he brings a lot of energy to the game, he makes everyone’s job a lot easier,” Jackson said. “I wish he’d have got in the end zone a lot more tonight. I wish he’d have had 100 yards, because that’s my goal. I want him to have over 1,000 yards rushing this year, so we’re going to make it happen.”

Andrews then handed the mic to Ingram, who got to ask a question of Jackson. He opted to ask how it felt to be a winner of the AFC North two straight years and a quarterback shattering records.

“It feels good but we got a lot of season left to play. Unwritten right now. Book unfinished,” Jackson said.

Humble to the end, great teammates, epic interview.

Mark Ingram Not Slowing Down

So how much longer could Ingram be expected to play? As he said himself, another 4-5 years is the expectation he is currently setting for himself, meaning he’s not going anywhere.

“I am just blessed and thankful. The lord has my body feeling this way. I am with a great team that takes care of me. I feel like I can play this game at a high level, at the highest level for at least another 4-5 years,” he told reporters. “I honestly do. I feel good. My body feels good.”

The reason for this isn’t merely longevity, but the fact that Ingram feels as if he still has some major goals to reach on the field.

“I just want to be the best man. I want to be one of the best. You talk about running backs who have long, prestigious careers. I want to be in that discussion and talked about that way,” he said. “I just want to be the best player I can be, I want to win championships, and I want to do it at a high level and I feel like I could do it for a long time.”

Ravens fans hope that’s the case into the future, and Ingram is a guy who is right there being an epic teammate.

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