Ravens Announce Plans for 2020 Stadium Attendance

M&T Bank Stadium

Getty A look at M&T Bank Stadium of the Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens are thinking ahead to a 2020 season without many fans in attendance, and have taken a strong stance

Wednesday, the team revealed that they would be deferring 2020 season tickets to 2021. Additionally, the team has taken the step of revealing they would limit capacity to fewer than 14,000 people in the event it’s determined to be safe enough to have fans at M&T Bank Stadium in 2020.

Obviously, the hope is things are safe enough for the Ravens to do this, but as the coronavirus continues to surge, the team has an obvious plan in place to keep things safe and a plan for tickets in the future if fans cannot attend games at all.

Everything remains up in the air as it relates to how the 2020 season might look.

Chase Daniel Predicts ‘Unrecognizable’ Season

Detroit Lions quarterback Chase Daniel has hinted a lack of fans might be just the beginning. According to Daniel, there are bigger changes on the horizon for the league in the wake of what has already been one of the most bizarre offseasons of all time created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Daniel explained that even more could be on the way in 2020 that would change the look and feel of the game for fans. He went so far as to say the season will be “unrecognizable” this coming year.

What Daniel means specifically is anyone’s guess, but one could surmise that he is making implications about some changes the league could propose. Some outcomes already hinted are players could have to wear specially designed equipment designed to guard against the virus, games could be played with limited capacity or without fans or more games could even get cancelled come the regular season. All of those outcomes are possible if the NFL is able to have a year in the first place. It’s going to be interesting to see how everything plays out in time.

As a player, Daniel would certainly have an inside idea of what is to come given what is going on behind the scenes, and right now, he is predicting a very different season. That should be enough to get the attention of fans in early July.

John Harbaugh Thanks Baltimore First Responders

As communities are trying to come together to fight the coronavirus, the Ravens helped out by donating their local first responders some meals to make it through their day a few months ago, and as Harbaugh said, it was the least the team could do in order to provide some support at a critical time.

The coach also took time out to speak on a call with local doctors to offer his very sincere thanks for what everyone is doing at this time.

“Just so appreciative, so proud of what you do. I know you guys take it in stride and I know you guys think it’s part of the duty and it’s what you signed up for but it doesn’t lessen the sacrifice and the courage,” Harbaugh said. “I just can’t emphasize enough the courage that goes into what you’re doing every day. The time away from your families. We spend so much more time with our families and that’s kind of a nice benefit for us to be locked away here. You have to be away from your families at the same time. Our hearts go out to you for that and we couldn’t thank you enough. The least we could do is help with some meals.”

Clearly, the visit with coach helped brighten several spirits in the room significantly, which is the obvious goal as the tough task of fighting this miserable virus builds up.

Whether or not the season happens with fans at all is anyone’s guess, but it’s nice to see the Ravens stepping up and formulating a plan.

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