Retired UFC Champ Taunts Rival: ‘If He Wasn’t So Scared’

UFC Champ Henry Cejudo


Retired UFC champ Henry Cejudo keeps calling for a showdown against UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski even though “Triple C” retired in May after stopping Dominick Cruz at UFC 249. Regardless, Cejudo revealed to Adam Glyn during a recent interview on the street that the former UFC “champ champ” believes Volkanovski is scared to face him inside the Octagon.

When asked about Volanovski’s latest title defense, a split-decision win over Max Holloway at UFC 251 on July 11, Cejudo said, “I was going for Volkanovski because I think it’s just a better matchup for me. He’s only about 2 inches taller than me, so I feel like he’d be a better matchup for me if we were to ever fight – if he wasn’t so scared and not scared to sign the damn contract.”

And who won that hotly contested rematch? Cejudo believes Holloway did enough to notch the decision.

“I thought Holloway probably won that fight,” Cejudo said.

One wonders, of course, why Cejudo retired in the first place. At the time, it seemed Cejudo was only making a play for more money, but from the outside looking in it would seem harder to negotiate with UFC officials if nobody believes you’re seriously calling it quits.

Cejduo has been active on social medial calling out UFC champs, most notably Volkanovski. It doesn’t seem as if the company will need to do anything right now but wait for Cejudo to get bored enough to fight again.

Henry Cejudo Is One of Kind MMA Champ

Cejudo is one of a kind in terms of comparing him to other MMA champs.

“I feel like me winning a third belt in the UFC would cement me as the greatest fighter of all-time in the sport of mixed martial arts, because nobody will be able to do that but ‘Triple C,’” Cejudo said.

“Triple C” does have a decent case for his suggestion that beating Volkanovski for a third belt would make him the best UFC fighter ever.

After all, no UFC fighter has ever won titles in three different divisions, and Cejudo is also the only Olympic gold medalist in history to win a UFC title, much less capture and hold two of them at the same time.

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Henry Cejudo and Alex Volkanovski Keep Bickering on Twitter

Cejudo expressed his thoughts and feelings via social media after Volkanovski’s recent win at UFC 251. He seemed particularly upset with how the 145-pound champ told the media after beating Holloway that he didn’t think fighting Cejudo was worth the trouble.

“Me fighting him ain’t helping my legacy,” Volkanovski said.

Cejudo responded to that perspective with a challenge.

“Prove me wrong! I’ll bet my whole purse that you wouldn’t beat me,” Cejudo said.

The two men have kept at it as the week progressed. By Wednesday, their social media back and forth seemed more like pre-fight promotional hype than just two fighters blowing off some steam.

So while Cejudo remains retired, it might be shortlived. If that’s the case, a fight against Volkanovski would be the best potential showdown for the American.

And winning it would go a long way toward putting Cejudo in the conversation about being the best fighter ever.

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