Terrell Owens Turns on the Jets in Race Against Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill [WATCH]

Tyreek Hill attended Oklahoma State, Garden City Community College, and West Alabama

Getty Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs

Terrell Owens might be 46 years old, but the retired NFL legend proved his speed is just as fast as in his prime. On Tuesday, the six-time Pro Bowler and current Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill engaged in a friendly competition to decide who indeed ran the fastest 40-yard dash.

In the Instagram caption, TO dubbed the competition, “Black Panther vs. Cheetah,” claiming the moniker of the former.

“Everyone, today is that day,” Hill said in a video. “Terrell Owens has finally accepted my challenge. I’m in Miami, 2:30, it’s going down. He gets 10 steps and we’re racing 100 yards, man. It’s going down at 2:30.”

“Yessir, Cheetah,” responded Owens. “I’m on my way. Best believe I’m on the way. Black cat is on the way. Hey, I am on the way. Let’s go.”

In the clip, it looks like Owens clocked a time of 4.4 seconds.

Hill ultimately took home the win, but for someone to to to finish 3-4 yards behind the Super Bowl champion, especially having last been associated with an NFL team eight years ago, that’s pretty remarkable. When paired against current receivers or even your average athlete, most of them wouldn’t even come close.

Not to mention, Owens looks to be in the best shape of his life long after hanging up his cleats for good. Some players may let their strict workout regimens fall by the wayside when they’re no longer required to adhere to them. Not for the 2018 Hall of Famer, he could suit up when the season returns this fall.

Patrick Mahomes, Hill’s teammate, chimed in with his thoughts:

Days earlier, Hill made a bold prediction about the Alabama native.

So, with two of the best to play the game at their position at different times squaring off, who knows what the next matchup could be between the old guard and the new class.

Ochocino Wanted in on the Fun, Too

Before a winner was determined, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was quick to add fuel to the fire. He also joined them for an afternoon of sprinting.

During his own workout in March 2019, an impressive sprint on the treadmill at 20 MPH, the former Cincinnati Bengal challenged Hill to top that.

Interested in seeing how the entire interaction went down? Check out the full video on Tyreek Hill’s YouTube channel.

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