Eagles’ Darius Slay Reveals Why ‘Swag’ Makes Him ‘Elite’ NFL CB

Darius Slay

Getty Darius Slay during a game against the Browns.

There are many reasons why Darius Slay is arguably the game’s best cornerback. This one might be the best one.

Slay takes great pride in the amount of swagger oozing out of his 6-foot, 190-pound frame, a trait that’s on display with each competitive giggle and every told-you-so finger wag. The latter was something he started doing as a rookie back in 2013 and it evolved into a cross between an ode to Dikembe Mutombo as well as his own childhood idol, Kobe Bryant. Whatever the reason, the 29-year-old isn’t about to stop. That swag is important and Slay has tons of it, Deion Sanders levels.

“I got a lot of swag. I was always taught to come out there with swag,” Slay said. “Definitely DBs, we got the hardest position out there on the field. And the quickest way to lose the quickest confidence so you got to have it, got to have swag about you. That determination, that I’m going to go out there and compete on every play no matter what the next play coming is.”

Listen to him closely and you can almost see the fear in Amari Cooper’s eyes. He has held Cooper to 42 yards on 12 career targets and the Cowboys receiver admitted there are certain routes he won’t even try to run against Slay. He’s that good, maybe too good for his own good. Nah.

“I’m really confident and I’m very very consistent and that’s what makes me a great player,” Slay said. “It’s not because I’m making crazy plays. I’m making the play that was supposed to be given to me, that’s what it’s mostly about, it’s about being consistent.”

Wait, one more thing, don’t forget the swagger.

“I’m going to bring that swag to it,” Slay said. “I’m going to bring the laugh and the giggle and the excitement and the playmaking ability. I’m going to bring all that to the table.”

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Jalen Reagor & Darius Slay: Instant Connection

The chemistry between Slay and Jalen Reagor has been fun to watch throughout Eagles padded practices. Less than two weeks in, it’s pretty apparent that the two share a mutual respect and burning desire to make those around them better.

On Monday, Reagor beat Slay on a go-route (back-shoulder, terrific finger-tip catch, according to Slay). After the rep, there was no trash talk, only encouragement.

“He’s just a very rangy corner, long arms and it’s Darius Slay,” Reagor said. “He’s a great corner but he’s ultimately going to make gamedays easier for me and I look forward to going against him every day.”

“He’s a great player, man,” Slay said. “I just teach him what I know, to help him beat guys. I feel like I’m one of the elite guys in the league. I compete at a high level … when me and him go up against each other, I want him to be at his best.”

There was one more thing that Slay wanted everyone to know: don’t ever call him Darius.

“It’s Slay, not Darius,” he said. “I hate Darius.”

And so do the majority of NFL receivers who get stuck matching up against him on Sunday. Welcome to Philly, Slay.

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