UFC Fighter’s Accidental Announcement [WATCH]

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A UFC fighter accidentally announced his wife’s pregnancy on national television on Tuesday night after winning his big fight on ESPN+. Undefeated lightweight Jordan “The Monkey King” Leavitt entered his bout against Luke Flores at UFC APEX in Las Vegas as a UFC-hopeful on “Dana White’s Contender Series” looking to secure a contract with the world’s top MMA promotional company. But after notching the massive win over Flores via first-round submission, Leavitt apparently became so elated with his performance, along with the shiny new contract it earned him with the UFC, that the fighter mistakenly announced his wife’s pregnancy during the post-fight interview.

You can watch all that unfold below.

There were three total UFC contracts awarded on Tuesday.

However, neither of the other two UFC contract winners, Uros Medic or Dustin Jacoby, spoiled any big surprises after they got their contracts.

More About Jordan Leavitt

According to MMA Junkie, Leavitt doesn’t quite fit the mold of the stereotypical MMA fighter.

“I definitely don’t think I fit the mold,” Leavitt said. “I don’t think I’m dripping of machismo. I’m not the most manly alpha-male type of person. I’m very smiley and very relaxed. …I’ve never cared about what people think. It definitely has helped me to stick out in this kind of environment. A lot of people are trying to be something they’re not. They have this idea that a fighter is supposed to be fit and supposed to be tough – or supposed to be macho. I’m just like, ‘I’m going to be myself.’ Real recognizes real, as they say.”

The fighter said he hated hurting people so much that it took him a little bit of time to figure out how to successfully compete as a professional fighter.

“I used to be a little insecure about it – especially when I was younger when I was a few fights in,” Leavitt said. “I hate hurting people. I’ve never been aggressive or a mean person. I’m probably overly polite. I’m probably too nice a lot of the time. It definitely took me a while to separate the violence from the sport for me. It’s not about hurting people. It’s not about me competing with my opponent. It’s about me competing with myself. I’ve figured out a way to frame it where it’s me becoming a better version of myself when I’m out there.”

Leavitt also admitted that he used to be embarrassed to tell people he was an MMA fighter. However, now that he has a contract with the UFC, the fighter shouldn’t have any reason to hide what he does anymore.

The lightweight now has the chance to carve out a huge legacy as well bigger paydays than he’s ever earning fighting before.

“I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed when people ask me what I do and I say, ‘A professional fighter.’ They’ll respond, ‘So you make a lot of money doing this?’ I’ll respond, ‘No, I’m kind of broke.’ Fighting doesn’t pay the bills,” Leavitt said. “It’ll mean everything to say, ‘I fight. That’s what I do to pay the bills. That’s what I do to take care of everything.’ It’ll definitely make it feel like all the work I put in actually means something.”

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