Damian Lillard Not LeBron James ‘Best’ Basketball Player in NBA: Ex NBA PG

Lebron james

Getty Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Stephon Marbury went on Instagram Live last month and praised the play of Portland Trail Blazers point guard, Damian Lillard after Lillard scored totaled 34 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in the Blazers’ game one 100-93 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on August 13.

“Are you really mad because I said Dame Lillard is the best basketball player in the NBA right now,” said Marbury.

“Come on, man. You can’t be serious. It’s not that serious, man, it’s only basketball. Its only a game and it’s only my opinion. You can not be mad at me for saying that. I understand that you’re a fan of other guys and that’s okay. It’s really okay! But it’s also okay for someone else to be the best while the games are going on right now based upon what we’re seeing and based on what’s happening. It’s oaky! Damn, the program is that real?!”

The Lakers would go on to beat the Blazers 4-1 in round one and LA is currently trailing the Houston Rockets 1-0 in round two.

On Heavy Live With Scoop B, I asked Marbury about his assessment of Lillard and James. “You know I said what I said about Damian Lillard because at the time that was what he was doing,” he said.

“He was looking and playing like the BEST basketball player in the NBA. And the way how he was not only individually playing but, how he was carrying that team when they were in eight place and to a space where they were able to compete against a top team.”

Lillard is on the mend after he injured his right knee in Game 4 against the Lakers and he missed Game 5. Marbury likes what he saw in Lillard during the Playoffs and the seeding games in Orlando. “I think Damian Lillard is not only what LeBron saidl underappreciated and underrated not only that, but he’s all of what we know the best point guards look like when they’re on the court,” he said.

“I think Damian Lillard because his knowledge and his understanding about how he speaks and how he communicates to the people and he’s syndicating in the message that he’s trying to get people to receive when he’s saying what he’s saying. I think that comes a little diluted because it’s real. It’s something that actually people can gravitate towards and I think you know, when you put basketball and the realm of what it is that he’s saying, it actually is together; his game and what he’s saying. It has the same frequency and the same channel and I think it’s a little far fetched for a lot of people to gravitate towards which is understandable. When I say what it is that I’m saying, you see a 6’2”, 6’3” guard playing the way how that he’s playing, you gotta say ‘Wow!’ This guy is really playing at a different level. If he had the different components on his team that will allow him to play at a high level as an Isiah Thomas when he had what he had when he was playing when he was winning championships. It would show him in a completely different light.”