Longtime Alabama QB Target Could Hit Transfer Portal But ‘Not Likely’

Getty Longtime Alabama QB Drake Maye could hit the transfer portal and come to Tuscaloosa but Bama Hammer's Ronald Evans has doubts

Longtime Alabama quarterback target Drake Maye could theoretically hit the transfer portal and finally make his way to Tuscaloosa after de-committing on March 6, 2020 — though Bama Hammer’s Ronald Evans feels that’s “not likely.”

“Alabama football fans have hoped for months that Drake Maye would leave Chapel Hill and come to Tuscaloosa,” Evans prefaced before saying, “That could theoretically happen, though it is not likely.”

Evans feels that the only way the Crimson Tide would consider adding a transfer portal signal-caller was if that player was like Maye: a “current starter for a good Power Five team.” Oregon State’s Chance Nolan doesn’t move the needle for Evans, nor do the countless quarterbacks who are also in the transfer portal as we speak.

“According to Transfer QB rankings provided by On3, the top available QB in the Portal is former Oregon State QB, Chance Nolan,” Evans wrote. “There are dozens more not as good as Nolan, who would have to come to Tuscaloosa battling the two freshmen and at least one walk-on, to maybe become Saban’s No. 4. Nick Saban is not looking in the Portal for a QB — if he is interested in one, it will be a current starter for a good, Power Five team.”

All Four Alabama QBs ‘Better’ Than Any in the Transfer Portal

Evans made a strong assertion that Jalen Milroe, Ty Simpson, Eli Holstein, and Dylan Lonergan were all superior to any available options currently in the transfer portal.

“Often missed in the recent chatter is IF, Nick Saban wants another quarterback, how many real prospects are there? Not many; is the starting point,” Evans wrote. “There is little reason to think Saban would bring an unproven guy. He has four of those already and all four of them are potentially better than any QB now in the Portal. The ones that are proven are few, given how few have ‘proven’ themselves against SEC-level defenses. Not to mention, the top ones are settled in elsewhere.”

The Bama Hammer writer sees team morale being at risk if Saban promised the starting job to someone in the transfer portal who hasn’t yet earned the opportunity.

“There is another little-discussed impediment,” Evans wrote. “In my opinion, Nick Saban will not guarantee anyone a starting job. A new QB would have to earn it over the summer and in fall camp. And if Saban went against his principle that all jobs must be earned, team morale would be at risk.”

Analyst Takes Shot at Paul Finebaum for Alabama QB Take

Evans pointed out that the only reason why there is such chatter among Alabama fans regarding adding a quarterback is due to Birmingham area radio hosts Paul Finebaum and Greg McElroy.

“Apparently, what was some limited chatter about the Crimson Tide going into the Portal for a starting QB – is growing,” Evans prefaced before saying, “One reason for the added chatter is media narratives, with both Paul Finebaum and Greg McElroy suggesting Nick Saban might turn to the Portal for another QB.”

Evans then followed that up by calling into question Finebaum’s credentials.

“One of those guys knows a lot about quarterbacking,” Evans prefaced before saying, “The other is a master of sizzle who readily admits he knows little about the actual game of football. These days there are platforms aplenty not requiring a depth of knowledge for the sports being covered.”