Browns RB Nick Chubb Gets New Job Offer After Season-Ending Injury

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb has received an interesting job offer.

Getty Images Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb has received an interesting job offer.

If Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb wants to make some extra cash while he’s sidelined with a knee injury, he’ll have an opportunity to do so — even if the opportunity is a little NSFW.

The adult entertainment company CamSoda offered Chubb a deal in which he could judge “chubby” worthy content. It’d even come with a new title: Chief Chubb Officer.

Here is the official offer letter from the vice president of CamSoda, Daryn Parker.

“We wanted to express our sympathy regarding your injury on Monday night. You put your body on the line for the entertainment and enjoyment of the world, and it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated,” Parker wrote. “While you are getting back on your feet, we wanted to reach out with an offer to keep you busy and make you money.

“Like yourself, we’re in the business of chubbs, so we’d love to hire you as CamSoda’s official Chief Chubb Officer (CCO). In this new role, you’ll review content from models while ensuring everything is “chubb-worthy” for CamSoda’s user base.”

Chubb has made around $34 million in his career, so it’s unlikely he needs any extra cash as he recovers from his injury. However, CamSoda is willing to fork up a nice salary for his duties as CCO.

“Here it is: we’ll pay you up to $25,000 per NFL game you miss the rest of this season,” the email from Parker read. “Not only are we interested in diversifying our content across the platform to grow our user base, but we also want to give one of the best running backs in the league another leg to stand on.”

Nick Chubb’s Injury Shakes Browns Locker Room

The job offer brings a little levity to what has really been a heartbreaking situation in Cleveland. Chubb is the heart and soul of the Browns locker room and the impact of his injury was immediately evident, beyond his contributions on the field.

“The season’s going to be for him,” cornerback Greg Newsome II said. “Everything we do, every practice, we’re going to think about him. Every game we’re going to play for him, so I mean, this season’s going to be dedicated to Nick Chubb.”

The Browns have relied heavily on Chubb since he arrived in Cleveland back in 2018 as a second-round pick. He rushed for 1,525 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. It was his fourth consecutive season rushing for over 1,000 yards, and his career 5.3 per carry average is among the league’s elite. He was well on his way to another big season, notching 170 yards on 28 carries — a 6.1 yards per carry average.

Browns Bring Back Kareem Hunt After Nick Chubb Injury

Shortly after the injury, the Browns decided to bring back veteran running back Kareem Hunt, who was a free agent. Hunt and Chubb spent the previous four years together in Cleveland and built a solid friendship. Hunt was happy to return but was very disappointed it came at the expense of Chubb.

“That one hurt, seeing that. I watched it live and I hate seeing that happen to one of my brothers and a guy that I care so much about and would go to war for any time of the day,” Hunt said on September 20. “And it’s the circumstances, I guess God just had a plan to help guide me back here.”

During his four seasons with the Browns, Hunt gained 1,874 yards rushing, 973 receiving yards and 23 total touchdowns.

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