NFL Rumors: Eagles May Trade Carson Wentz to Colts, Browns or Bears

Carson Wentz, Mitch Trubisky

Getty Eagles QB Carson Wentz has been mentioned in a possible trade to Chicago with Bears QB Mitch Trubisky struggling.

It’s been deemed a near impossibility to move on from Carson Wentz in Philadelphia. The weight of his enormous contract, plus the long-term investment in draft picks make it a permanent marriage. However, there are a few options for the Eagles to consider if they ever get serious about making a change under center.

With a recent bombshell report claiming that Jalen Hurts will see increased snaps, let’s take a look at Wentz’s future. OverTheCap’s Jason Fitzgerald outlined several scenarios to free Philly from their fading franchise quarterback’s contract, including possible trades to Cleveland, Indianapolis or Chicago. The Colts, as previously rumored, make the most sense but if Baker Mayfield continues to struggle maybe the Browns would pull the trigger. It’s an interesting and new take on a fluid situation.

Wentz’s annual contract works out to roughly $32 million per year, per Fitzgerald, but the Eagles already paid a good chunk of that in guaranteed money. The real number would be four years at $98.4 million, or $24.6 million a season.

Wentz gives a decent team who likely had no viable path to draft a young star access to a potential good quarterback who is 30. The teams that make sense in that regard are the Colts, Bears, and maybe Browns depending on what they think about Baker Mayfield at this point.

The Colts of all the teams make the most sense. They are a good team with no QB on the roster for 2021. They have tons of cap space and would love access to a sub $30M QB. There is also a clear relationship with the head coach. The Bears dont really have the cap space and are on the wrong side of the age curve (though this hasnt stopped them before) and the Browns would probably chase Mayfield for another year.

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The Path to Cutting Wentz in 2021

The alternative to trading Wentz is to cut him but those financials are dire. The Eagles would lose $25 million in cap space in 2021 or a more feasible $16 million if they waited until 2023.

Wentz would be 30 years old by that date, so the team would probably be looking to upgrade the quarterback position anyway (assuming Hurts isn’t the guy). But, as pointed out by Fitzgerald, the Eagles could designate Wentz a June 1 cut and save $15 million in roster bonuses.

This is a more viable solution for the Eagles though the payouts here are certainly massive. A cut in 2021 saves the team the $15 million guarantee for 2022 kicking in and they would receive some credits from offsets in the contract once Wentz signed elsewhere but that wont be much.

Though $15 million is certainly a lot of money to save I think it makes more sense for Philadelphia at that point to bite the bullet, modify the contract as needed for cap relief in 2021, and keep their fingers crossed that he can remember how to play quarterback.

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Filtering Out Noise Around QB Situation

Speculation is fun, right? It’s been keeping arm-chair quarterbacks employed since 1920. The Eagles, specifically head coach Doug Pederson, have to filter all that outside noise out. It’s not healthy to listen to every erroneous report or loud-mouth sports talker. Instead, Pederson keeps his message positive and his focus singular.

“My focus is on the team and helping our football team get better and improve and that’s my job,” Pederson said. “Listen, I understand my job is also to make tough decisions with the roster and who plays, who doesn’t play and things of that nature. Every coach, every player here, there’s a ton of pride. Everybody’s an expert, everybody’s an arm-chair quarterback, everybody has an opinion, and I respect that. People are entitled to that and I have to do what I feel is in the best interest of the Philadelphia Eagles, Mr. Lurie and the players in that locker room.”

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