Carson Wentz Like ‘Off-the-Rack Suit’ Says Ex-NFL CB, Needs ‘Lifeguard’ Nick Foles

Philadelphia Eagles All or Nothing

Getty Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles will be the subjects of this season's All or Nothing.

Carson Wentz has been compared to many things in his short career. An off-the-rack suit? That’s a new one.

Wentz, who was called the “worst quarterback in the NFL” on ESPN, was the polarizing topic of debate on FOX Sports’ “Speak for Yourself” show on Thursday when NFL Media Analyst Bucky Brooks threw out the suit analogy. Things got heated between Brooks and former Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho who passionately defended Wentz.

It’s clear the 0-2 Eagles are going to continue to be a punching bag until the team notches that first win. Here’s the funny exchange between Brooks and Acho:

Brooks: “It’s like when you buy those fancy suits, you go to a custom clothier, you expect it to fit a little differently than when you go somewhere and get it off the rack. Right now, Carson Wentz is playing like an off-the-rack suit.”

Acho: “If Carson ain’t custom, then I ain’t custom. Carson Wentz has been to a Super Bowl already, Bucky Brooks. I don’t care if he didn’t play, he was there.”

But, as ESPN’s Mike Greenberg pointed out earlier in the day, Wentz hasn’t had much success since that Super Bowl. He is 14-15 in his starts since the championship year and his QBR is 59.9, the exact same QBR as Jameis Winston. Then, there is the issue of Nick Foles and Brooks was sure to bring that up with another analogy.

“When I teach my kids how to swim, sometimes you have to have a lifeguard … Nick Foles had to be the lifeguard,” Brooks said. “You throw Nick Foles in there to save the Eagles.”

Wait, Brooks wasn’t done yet. The former NFL cornerback looked into the camera, right at Acho, and reflected on his college days spent tearing up the club. Another analogy.

“So maybe going back to your days at Texas, and before we would go out to the club, you were doing all your dance moves in the dorm room,” Brooks said. “But you were a wallflower in the club, maybe that is Carson Wentz. He has all the moves in the dorm room but once he gets to the club, he can’t find them. He’s a wallflower.”

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Wentz Staying Positive, Confidence ‘Sky High’

Wentz addressed the media on Wednesday and never broke a sweat. He stayed in that Zoom call, poised and confident, hopefully, it carries over onto the football field this week. The Eagles quarterback doesn’t sense any quit in his team and his job is to get them through the “rough times.”

“We just trust each other and the confidence is still there and still sky high for this team,” Wentz said. “For us, it’s going back to what you know. It’s believing in yourself, believing in the entire body of work ever since you were a little kid.

“How you train, how you work, how you prepare, and there are going to be rough times. I think we have a very good group of guys in this locker room that lean in on each other and trust each other and encourage each other no matter what the outside world is saying or feeling.”

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