Steph Curry’s Frustration With Big Man Has Warriors Fans Calling for Trade

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors just wrapped up an 0-5 road trip that saw their record plummet to 3-7. Their defense has been struggling to keep up, but more than anything, their bench depth hasn’t been holding up as well as it did last season, as they’ve had young players and new pieces get more changes.

One player who has been earning more playing time is big man James Wiseman, who missed all of last year due to an injury. However, fans were quick to point out Stephen Curry’s frustration with Wiseman from one of Golden State’s recent games.

In the Warriors’ game against the Orlando Magic, Curry calls for a screen from Wiseman, but it takes the big man far too long to get into position. And when he does, he sets a half-hearted screen and then moves to the post.

However, when Wiseman doesn’t get the ball in the post, he seems to get a bit frustrated. This leads to an entire possession of Curry getting annoyed, Wiseman getting annoyed, and the Warriors getting a bad look at the end of it.

Warriors Fans Considering Wiseman Trades

After the interaction, some Warriors fans on Twitter questioned whether or not Wiseman should be on in Golden State. He’s been struggling a bit to keep up in the role he’s been expected to play, and that play acted as the final straw before fans began drawing up trade ideas.

One Warriors fan suggested that Wiseman be traded to a team where there would be less pressure on him to perform.

“Wiseman needs to go somewhere else where there’s less pressure. Also he can’t really develop playing 10 minutes a game. And those 10 minutes are brutal for the Warriors chances at winning. This, from yesterday was a very bad sign,” they wrote.

Another Twitter user suggested they trade Wiseman for Serge Ibaka. Although, based on the Twitter handle, that suggestion came from a Milwaukee Bucks fan.

“They should probably trade wiseman for an experienced vet like serge ibaka,” they wrote.

Overall, fans have become very critical of Wiseman’s play, and the Warriors’ losing streak has only amplified that criticism.

Trade Proposal for Wiseman

Ryan Aston of Heavy Sports suggested a deal that would see Wiseman shipped out to a team where he would have more freedom – the San Antonio Spurs. In return, the Warriors would get a more established big man to help run their second unit.

Warriors receive: Jakob Poeltl

Spurs receive: Wiseman, 2026 second-round pick (via MEM)

The Spurs have been outperforming expectations this year, jumping out to a 5-4 record, but heading into the season, they were widely expected to be one of the teams in the tank race for Victor Wembanyama.

As the year goes on, they will likely inch closer to that result, and considering Poeltl is in the final year of his contract, they could look to trade him. Adding a young player like Wiseman, who is full of potential but needs a bit more freedom, could be great for them.

Meanwhile, the Warriors would get a starting-caliber center to come off their bench. So far this season, Poeltl has averaged 12.1 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 3.4 assists on 62.2% shooting from the floor.

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