Steve Kerr’s Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steve Kerr

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Steve Kerr and his wife Margot Kerr have three children together, Nick, Madeleine and Matthew Kerr. The Golden State Warriors head coach has been married to his wife for over 30 years now and their children are all adults with their own careers, though the family has remained very close.

Here’s what you need to know about Steve Kerr’s children, Nick, Madeleine and Matthew Kerr:

1. Steve Kerr Married Margot Kerr & the Couple Welcomed Three Kids Together While Kerr Was Playing in the NBA

Margot and Steve Kerr began dating when they were both sophomores at the University of Arizona when Kerr’s friend Bruce “Q” Fraser set them up on a blind date with him and his then-girlfriend, Kerr shared with In My Court. Margot Kerr ended up graduating a year before Kerr because of his redshirt year before his senior season and they had a long-distance relationship, she told SF Gate, due to her job with an advertising agency in Los Angeles.

That long-distance relationship continued after Kerr graduated since he ended up getting drafted by the Phoenix Suns, which she told SF Gate was a surprise to both of them. Kerr was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers after just a year with the Suns and at that point, Margot Kerr left her job and moved to Ohio with her soon-to-be husband.

They got married in Ohio and welcomed their first child, a son named Nick, soon after that. However, the growing family ended up moving around a lot due to Kerr’s NBA career, and they moved to Orlando just a few weeks after Nick Kerr was born. After one year of playing with the Orlando Magic, Kerr went to Chicago to play for the Bulls, where he’d stay for several years. During that time, the Kerr family grew again as they welcomed two more children: Madeleine “Maddy” Kerr, and Matthew Kerr.

Kerr praised his wife for creating a stable and loving home in spite of their circumstances and constant moves when the children were young. “We somehow hit the lottery with our kids, I can’t believe they turned out so well,” Margot Kerr laughed during their interview with In My Court. Kerr said his wife was “an incredible mother in terms of creating a really happy home.”

2. Steve Kerr’s Eldest Child Is Nick Kerr, Who Is Now Coaching Basketball

Margot and Steve Kerr’s oldest child is Nick Kerr, who is following in his father’s basketball coaching footsteps after playing in college. He grew up with a passion for basketball that was born from watching his father’s games from a very young age. In fact, Kerr told “WCC This Week” back in 2015 that when his eldest son was just a year old, he’d watch his father’s NBA games from Margot Kerr’s lap and was “mesmerized.”

In 2017, Kerr told East Bay Times that watching and coaching basketball is an experience that he’s shared with his son “his whole life.” He added, “He was on my shoulders when we celebrated the championship in ’96 at the age of 3 and a half. One of my favorite memories… He’s obsessed just like I am.”

Nick Kerr played basketball when he was growing up and continued in college but he said he started thinking about coaching as early as high school. He studied business administration at the University of San Diego from 2011 to 2015, where he played on the college’s basketball team. Afterward, he moved to the Bay Area and was in Berkeley’s School of Public Health graduate program.

While speaking with Mercury News, Kerr’s son said he realized in college that he should make the switch from playing to coaching because he wanted to stay involved in the sport. He now works as an assistant coach with the Santa Cruz Warriors, according to his LinkedIn.

3. Steve Kerr Has 1 Daughter Named Maddy Kerr & She Is Now Working as a Lawyer

Maddy Kerr might be well known to basketball fans as her father has often teased her during press conferences or on-air when he worked as a broadcast analyst for TNT. Maddy is Steve and Margot Kerr’s second child and only daughter and she’s currently married and working as a corporate associate at a law firm.

Like her older brother, Maddy Kerr enjoyed sports growing up and was a volleyball star in school and the team captain for her last three years in college. She shared with Berkeley News that she tried to be a leader like her father during her captaincy and said he’s great at talking to people and getting to know all the players. However, she said she wasn’t as patient as her father and she’s more “feisty and outspoken” like her mother.

Maddy Kerr spent a lot of time in school, first graduating from Berkeley in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in media studies and rhetoric. Afterward, she attended Berkeley’s School of Law and graduated with her JD degree in 2021, according to her LinkedIn. Her profile also states that she spent a year in Paris at HEC Paris as an MBA candidate.

Public records show that Maddy Kerr was admitted to the State Bar of California in January 2023. She now works as a corporate associate at Gunderson Dettmer. Her younger brother Matthew Kerr posted on Instagram that she got married in August 2022.

While speaking with on The Good Quality podcast, Maddy Kerr said her father is a “wonderful dad” and her childhood was really great. She described him as “very attentive” as a father and said, “he’s kind of super mellow and mild-mannered but really funny.”

4. Steve Kerr’s Youngest Child Is a Son, Matthew Kerr, Who Studied Screenwriting

The youngest Kerr is Matthew Kerr, who’s shared that he’s not interested in sports but is nevertheless very close with his siblings and parents. Maddy Kerr told Berkeley News that he “hates sports” and he “only played one sport, when he was 4, and that was soccer. And he played for only one game.” That said, she added that he does follow the Warriors and wants them to win because of his father’s job as head coach.

Matthew Kerr took after his mother’s side of the family, which is more artistic, as Margot Kerr’s mother is a professor, author and poet. He attended USC film school and studied screenwriting and comedy TV writing, and Maddy Kerr revealed to Berkeley News that he’s received awards for some of the screenplays he’d written growing up.

After graduating from film school, Matthew Kerr revealed that Jason Sudeikis, who he’d known through college, reached out to him and asked if he wanted to work as a writing assistant on “Ted Lasso” for season 2. Kerr’s youngest son seized the opportunity and spoke about how amazing the experience was in an interview with the Athletic.

He said he doesn’t usually tell people who his father is until it comes up naturally and the same was true when he joined the writers’ room for “Ted Lasso.” However, he explained that his colleagues found out when he was home and on a Zoom call and Kerr walked into the room. “It’s never at the forefront of my mind when I’m working or anything, but it does kind of give me room to talk about sports experiences from my own perspective,” he shared with the Athletic.

Matthew Kerr also had touching things to say about his father, describing Kerr as really supportive. He said his father never pushed him into basketball or other sports either. “He’s always been incredibly supportive, and of my sexuality, and he’s been open about social issues,” Matthew Kerr added. “I just, like, love him and he has always been just an embodiment of that.”

5. The Kerr Family Is Very Close Knit & Steve Kerr Spoke About His Children Moving Back In During the Pandemic

The Kerr family is a very close-knit one and that was reflected in their decision to quarantine together during the pandemic, along with the three children’s significant others, Maddy Kerr revealed on The Good Quality podcast.

Kerr, who’s previously shared that “Family is everything,” spoke about that time with NBC Sports.

He said it was really hectic at home with everyone there but he and his wife were enjoying it to the fullest because it was rare to have everyone together again. “We’re cooking every night, cooking these big family meals, watching a lot of movies and trying to take advantage of all of this time together because we usually don’t get much time together at all,” he concluded.

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