Madeleine Kerr, Steve Kerr’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steve Kerr

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Steve Kerr and his wife of over 30 years, Margot Brennan Kerr, have three children together, Nick, Madeleine and Matthew. The Golden State Warriors head coach is very close with his family and his daughter Madeleine Kerr has spoken about her relationship with her father through the years.

Here’s what you need to know about Steve Kerr’s daughter Madeleine “Maddy” Kerr:

1. Maddy Kerr Attended the University of California, Berkeley & Soon After She Started Attending, Her Father Moved to the Bay Area to Coach the Warriors

Maddy Kerr shared that her family followed her to San Francisco after she moved there to go to the University of California, Berkeley. The middle child in the Kerr family attended Berkeley from 2013 to 2017 and she shared in an interview with The Good Quality’s Ashten Smith-Gooden that she only had the life of a college student away from home for about nine months.

“My parents followed me to college,” she said about her father’s move from San Diego to the Bay Area once Kerr became the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. She told SF Gate that Kerr called her in May 2014 to tell her that he was accepting the job just minutes before she went into a final exam. “I was so flustered, I was sure I’d failed it,” she spilled.

“The two biggest factors were my daughter being at Berkeley and Steph [Curry] being on the team,” Kerr joked about why he picked the Warriors, according to SF Gate. “And as I told my daughter, it was 90 percent Steph and 10 percent my daughter.”

Even though the three Kerr children are all grown-ups now, they’re still very close and they actually quarantined together during the pandemic, Maddy Kerr shared on The Good Quality podcast. In fact, not only were the three kids home with their parents, but their significant others also spent the quarantine in the Kerr residence.

“[It’s] been total chaos at our house and we’re enjoying every second of it because we don’t get this time,” Kerr told NBC Sports at the time. “We’re cooking every night, cooking these big family meals, watching a lot of movies and trying to take advantage of all of this time together because we usually don’t get much time together at all.”

Maddy Kerr is now married, and while her Instagram is set to private, her brother Matthew Kerr shared in August 2022 that he was over the moon at his sister’s wedding.

2. Maddy Kerr Is a Lawyer & Was Admitted to the California Bar in January 2023

Maddy Kerr is now a lawyer working as a corporate associate at the law firm Gunderson Dettmer, according to her LinkedIn. She first obtained a bachelor’s degree in media studies and rhetoric at Berkeley, where she graduated in 2017. At the time, she told Berkeley News that she really liked her classes but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after her bachelor’s degree.

“I know I want to work after graduation and go from there,” she said at the time. “Last year, I interned with Super Bowl 50’s host committee in San Francisco and did marketing and public relations for them and really liked it.” Despite that, she continued with her schooling and graduated from Berkeley’s School of Law in 2021. Maddy Kerr then spent over a year in Paris, where she was an MBA candidate at HEC Paris, her LinkedIn states.

Kerr’s daughter told Smith-Gooden on The Good Quality podcast in 2020 that she hadn’t realized she was interested in law before studying it but she was doing an internship with a law firm that helped startups launch their businesses and she was really enjoying it. Maddy Kerr was admitted to the State Bar of California in January 2023, according to public records.

3. Maddy Kerr Was the Captain of the Volleyball Team at University & She Shared the Lessons She Learned From Watching Her Father

Like her father, Maddy Kerr is really interested in sports and played volleyball at university. She shared with Berkeley News that when she watches Warriors games with her mother Margot Kerr, both of them get so nervous they “can’t even talk.” She added, “If something really bad happens, I cover my face. I mostly only go to the home games, so if I’m watching a game on TV, I have to pace around and do other things. I have so much nervous energy.”

Maddy Kerry was named the captain of the volleyball team while at Berkeley and she told Berkeley News that she tried to learn from her father’s style to be a good leader. She described the Warriors coach as really great with people and appreciative of every player. She said she’s tried to take in those aspects of his leadership style while she acknowledged that she doesn’t have the same kind of patience as her father.

She added that she’s “feisty and outspoken,” which are qualities she inherited from her mother, not her father. “In volleyball, it helps to be a vocal player, especially in my position as libero,” she explained. “You need to be commanding the entire back row and communicating.”

Overall, Maddy Kerr praised her parents for the way they raised her, telling The Good Quality podcast listeners that her parents never pressured her into pursuing sports. She said her father was a very supportive sports dad who never pushed her to work harder or to do more but gave her just the right level of support and encouragement.

4. Maddy Kerr & the Rest of Her Family Are Very Close & She Said Her Parents Are Her ‘Best Friends’

Maddy Kerr and her siblings are really close with her parents and she often spends time with them, telling Berkeley News in 2016 that “It’s kind of embarrassing how much we hang out with our parents, probably three to four times a week.” She described her parents as “really cool” and said they’re the siblings’ “best friends.”

“We go out to eat a lot — the Bay Area has the best food ever — and watch TV and talk,” she added. “There’s always something to talk about.” Their close bond is something they’ve had their whole lives as well, as she shared that even when they were growing up, they were a really tight-knit family.

When she was in school, Maddy Kerr confessed on The Good Quality podcast that she visited her family several times a week to get meals and do her laundry. She said her father is really good at cooking and barbecuing, which came in handy during her college days. She told Berkeley News in another interview, “It’s really nice to just get away from college and all the stress. It’s super quiet up there, so we go there to kind of relax.”

5. Steve Kerr Has Teased His Daughter Before During Interviews & Maddy Kerr’s Made Jokes About Her Father as Well

Kerr’s daughter is known to many NBA fans as he hasn’t hesitated to good-naturedly rip on his daughter during interviews as a coach and while he was working as an analyst. “You’re an easy target,” her brother Nick Kerr told her in a Berkeley News interview.

In one ESPN clip, Kerr said comparing NBA teams is like comparing children, before following it up with, “For the record, Maddy is my favorite. Nick and Matthew are okay but Maddy, she’s my pride and joy.” Maddy Kerr has taken her opportunities to crack jokes about her father as well, including at his fashion choices like cargo shorts for press conferences.

“He doesn’t like excess,” she told SF Gate. “He’s not materialistic at all.” She said he doesn’t really think about what he’s wearing and added, “We’re always trying to fix him. He wears a pair of cargo shorts — cargo shorts! — that are 15 years old, that had a pen explode in the pocket. He still wears them.”

The jokes are all in good nature, though, and it’s clear there’s a lot of love in the Kerr family. Maddy Kerr told Smith-Gooden on The Good Quality podcast that Kerr is “a wonderful dad” and she had an amazing childhood. “He was a very attentive dad, and he’s just really nice and he’s kind of super mellow and mild-mannered but really funny,” she shared.

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