3-Team Warriors Proposal Ditches Draymond Green in Response to Kyrie Irving Trade

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors have been struggling this year, and their path to title contention just got a bit more difficult. Kyrie Irving was just traded to the Dallas Mavericks, meaning the Warriors have even more talent to contend with.

Here’s an outline of a proposed trade that could help improve the Warriors’ title chances in response to the Irving move. The deal also involves the Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors.

Warriors receive: OG Anunoby, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Chris Boucher

Hawks receive: Draymond Green, Gary Trent Jr., Donte DiVincenzo

Raptors receive: John Collins, James Wiseman, 2023 1st-Round Pick (via ATL), 2027 1st-Round Pick (via GSW), 2029 1st-Round Pick (Lottery Protected via GSW)

Trading Green may seem like a scary thought for some Warriors fans, but this deal would greatly improve the team’s current depth, adding three rotation pieces in exchange for two and Wiseman. Plus, the long-term fit makes a ton of sense.

Anunoby and Andrew Wiggins would immediately form one of the most lethal two-way wing duos in the NBA, Boucher would fill in as the team’s backup big man (a much-needed commodity), and Bogdanovic could slide into DiVincenzo’s role off the bench (though with slightly less of a defensive presence).

For the Hawks, this deal would see them reshape their roster. Adding a veteran presence like Green to the frontcourt could help improve their defense and add a winning mindset. Meanwhile, Trent and DiVincenzo shore up their wing depth, as they would lose Bogdanovic in the deal.

Lastly, the Raptors would hit the reset button here while still adding a solid asset. Collins could step in and attempt to thrive in a new home, and the same can be said about Wiseman. They would also get three first-round picks in the deal.

Warriors Urged to Trade Draymond Green

Breaking up the Big 3 of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Green is a dangerous game, but it might be time to pull the trigger. Sources who spoke with Sean Deveney of Heavy Sports believe Golden State should look to trade Green ahead of the February 9 deadline this year.

“They should [trade him this year],” a Western Conference executive told Deveney “If they made the decision that they’re not giving up any of the young kids, then that’s fine, but are you going to just keep chugging forward with what you’ve got? Obviously, the Draymond punch with [Jordan] Poole was a bigger deal than they let on, it is still dragging down that team. No doubt about it.”

Draymond Green Warns About Warriors Future

Even Green himself knows his time with the Warriors may be coming to an end. During a recent interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, Green hinted that his tenure with the Warriors might end sooner rather than later.

“If you don’t get to know the business, then you can be blindsided and be, like, ‘Oh man, everything I’ve done, I’d thought I’d be there forever,” Green said. “I would love to be [with the Warriors forever]. [But] I understand the luxury tax. I understand you’ve got these young guys and contracts up, and they have to be paid. I understand all of those things. And so, just for me, that’s what I mean by the writing’s on the wall.”

Draymond Green Talks Warriors Future, His Relationship with Jordan Poole and More with Taylor RooksDraymond Green sat down with Taylor Rooks to discuss Warriors dynasty, his relationship with Jordan Poole and more Watch the full interview now 🍿 (@statefarm) 0:00 – Intro 0:33 – Draymond on what it means to be a dynasty 1:38 – When did Draymond know it was a dynasty? 2:52 – Draymond reflects on first…2023-01-13T21:54:36Z
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