Chiefs’ Andy Reid Reacts to Hilarious Theory on Patrick Mahomes No-Look TD

Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid chats with quarterback Patrick Mahomes II in 2022.

Looking back on the season, we may reflect on Week 14 as a rough outing for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II because of his three interceptions that led to a near-collapse in Denver.

Ironically, he made some downright phenomenal plays during this “off-game” as well, and one that will never be forgotten was his no-look 56-yard touchdown toss to running back Jerick McKinnon. Jack Heeke KKTV shared an “insane” angle of the throw on Twitter.

“I was committed to running,” Mahomes revealed after the game, “and I saw I was probably going to get hit like I did last time in Cincinnati so I just kind of flicked it [to McKinnon].” As you can imagine, the highlight-reel flick was quite popular on social media, but the hilarious viral comparison to head coach Andy Reid was even better.

Andy Reid Reacts to Patrick Mahomes’ State Farm-TD Comp

If you’re a Chiefs fan, you’ve probably seen the State Farm commercial that includes Coach Reid by now — where he jokingly admits that drawing mustaches on sleeping players is a guilty pleasure of his. The clever ad surged in popularity earlier this season because of Big Red’s involvement.

Anyway, at the way end of the spot with State Farm, Reid sort of flings the Sharpie marker out of his hand in windmill-type motion while telling a mustachioed Mahomes that he is “going to get to the bottom of this.”

Well, credit Fox 4 KC’s Rob Collins for putting two and two together in his mind. After Mahomes’ flip to McKinnon, the reporter tweeted out a compilation of the two similar flicks that quickly went viral over social media.

It didn’t take long for others to run with the idea as well, including Joshua Brisco of KC Sports Radio 810, who spliced together the two clips rather than a side-by-side comparison.

Later, on December 12, Collins decided to ask Reid about the similarities between Mahomes’ unfathomable toss and his “throw-away [of the] mustache marker” in the State Farm advertisement. “Is that where he got that from?” Collins wondered tongue-in-cheek.

With a chuckle and a huge smile rarely scene in press conferences, Big Red replied: “Yeah, I think it is.” Continuing: “I’ll tell ya, that was a pretty spectacular play. I think you guys know that, but that was special, so [Mahomes] did a nice job.”

“I appreciate the humor there though,” Reid added candidly.

When you have a true competitor like Mahomes handling the rock, there are always going to be the inevitable ups and downs of creativity. Sometimes these unique and unthinkable passes work, other times they blow up in the quarterback’s face.

Obviously, Mahomes gets the benefit of the doubt considering his track record, and that fact that he hits on the spectacular much more than he misses. The gunslinger did comment on these types of throws after the game.

Patrick Mahomes Details No-Look Ability

“I gotta just find that fine line of when I’m doing that type of [no-look] stuff and it’s good for us, and when I do stuff and it’s bad for us,” Mahomes admitted, “and that’s something I continue to work on and something I continue to get better at.”

As for Reid’s thoughts on Mahomes’ built-in wildness on the field, the signal-caller relayed that Big Red gives him the green light to “keep slinging it.”

“He doesn’t want me to lose who I am,” Mahomes explained, adding: “I mean I promise you I know when I’m messing up. I go to the sideline [after a silly mistake] and I’m hot, [and] the coaches come to me and… they let me know what I can get better at, but I just can’t put our team in that situation [in the future]. Luckily, we got the win.”

Mahomes was not asked if he learned the flick-pass from watching Andy Reid.

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