Brittany Mahomes Blasts NFL Officials During Chiefs’ Week 2 Win

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II took a lot of hits in Week 2.

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Patrick Mahomes II, has spent most of the offseason away from Twitter.

She’s gotten married, focused more on her ownership role within the Kansas City Current’s NWSL operation, and really taken to being a mother to Sterling with a second child on the way. Brittany Mahomes has remained on social media, don’t get me wrong, but when she has frequented Twitter it’s mostly been to help others or promote the Current.

Needless to say, the tabloid vultures have been licking their chops, waiting for Kansas City Chiefs football to return along with the heat-of-the-moment quotes that might follow. Last night during Thursday Night Football, Brittany Mahomes was vocal on Twitter just like old times and she was criticized for one tweet, in particular — although she didn’t deserve to be.

Brittany Mahomes Rips NFL Refs After Chargers’ Late Hit

“It’s Game Dayyyyyy,” Brittany Mahomes proclaimed at 5:26 p.m. CST, almost as if to announce that more live interaction was on the way.

She kept most of her in-game reactions pretty vague and simple after drawing harsh responses in seasons past, but one was more clear than the others. “Guess we can hit QBs like that now,” Brittany Mahomes voiced after a play where pass rusher Joey Bosa came low and late around the edge, connecting with Patrick Mahomes’ shin/ankle area.

Per NFL rules, a defender is not supposed to hit a quarterback below the knee when the passer is standing in the pocket with both feet on the ground. In this case, right tackle Andrew Wylie was called for a holding in which he pulled Bosa to the ground.

The star defensive end’s momentum appeared to take him into Patrick Mahomes, which probably explains the no-call from the officiating crew. Having said that, another Chargers pass rusher also hit the Chiefs QB from behind well after the ball was out as Bosa wrapped around his legs — which drew the ire of fans.

You can certainly understand the frustration of a significant other who just saw their husband take what looked to be two cheap shots in real-time. Here was the play in question, courtesy of Heavy on Chiefs reporter Devon Clements.

Chiefs Kingdom Backs Brittany Mahomes

After going public with her mission to help combat cyber-bullying last January — acting as a voice for the mentally abused — Brittany Mahomes has received more support from Chiefs Kingdom in situations like these.

What she said shouldn’t be considered controversial. It’s a take that a large majority of football fans might make on any given weekend and receive zero flack for it whatsoever.

Some immediately chimed in to critique her, as you’d expect, but others backed the polarizing KC figure.

It was the second guy who came over @PatrickMahomes’ back while Bosa was still at Patrick’s lower legs,” one fan defended. “Basically, it turned into a chop block that didn’t get flagged.”

“And somehow we held?!?!?!” Another commented. “They would have ejected him if it was [Tom] Brady or [Aaron] Rodgers!”

A third joined her in disbelief: “Yeah that jersey pull penalty was ridiculous. Slow-mo reviews showed that’s not how it happened. Patrick got dangerously hosed on that essentially no-call. I’m sure he’s feeling it, but I’m glad / hoping it wasn’t serious.”

“Plus that pick up and slam job that they did on Travis Kelce was ridiculous!” Another pointed out, referencing the Derwin James tackle that looked more like a powerbomb. “That should’ve been a personal foul. He could have really hurt him!”

Finally, one supporter focused more on Brittany Mahomes than the game, writing: “It amazes me the number of people that follow you just to trash talk you. Why waste time on all that hate? I don’t like someone..I don’t follow them. They don’t need me to help@pad their subscribers. You go girl! #gochiefs.”

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Dennis Niehoff
Dennis Niehoff
1 year ago

So why is this clown any different than the rest, he chose to play the stupid game and will be hit like anyone else, if he and his wife don’t like it, he should quit and get a REAL job, one where you don’t get hit.