Fans Defend Brittany Mahomes as Ex-Chiefs All-Pro Revives Polarizing Celebration

Patrick & Brittany Mahomes

Getty Patrick and Brittany Mahomes at Texas Tech's Ring of Honor ceremony in 2022.

Just over a year ago on January 23, 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs took down the Buffalo Bills in a thrilling AFC playoff outing that could go down in history as one of the greatest NFL games of all-time.

Otherwise known as the “13-second game,” the “grim reaper game,” and more — this instant classic was also remembered for a polarizing postgame celebration by Patrick Mahomes’ then-fiancé Brittany Matthews. The pair has since gotten married and accomplished so many positive things around different KC and Texas communities, but the internet can be a cruel place sometimes and this was one of those moments.

Having said that, Brittany Mahomes did receive some slight vindication after the 2023 AFC Championship game — which also pointed out an ugly double standard. Former Chiefs All-Pro returner and wide receiver Dante Hall celebrated Kansas City’s victory over the Cincinnati Bengals with a champagne bottle spray over the Arrowhead Stadium crowd. It was nearly identical to Brittany’s 2022 move that got her in trouble on social media, and yet no one seemed to care when Hall pulled the same stunt.

To her credit, a fan called attention to this on Twitter — not to criticize Hall — but to point out that Brittany Mahomes should have never been attacked in the first place.

Kay Adams, Chiefs Fans Call Attention to Dante Hall Champagne Pop, Support Brittany Mahomes

The late-January discussion began on an episode of FanDuel TV’s “Up & Adams” with host Kay Adams and Hall — a special guest after the Chiefs AFCCG win.

The Twitter clip from Adams’ interview of Hall included his celebratory champagne pop and spray, which led to the fan’s response.

“Are people giving @ogxfactor82 [Hall] grief like they did @BrittanyLynne [Mahomes] last year? It is all in good fun! I wish I would have been below him as I LOVE champagne! 😍🍾” She tweeted.

Adams then quote tweeted the fan with the message: “No they sure aren’t. 🤔 @BrittanyLynne 💕”

Brittany Mahomes did not choose to comment on the interaction, but did retweet both Chiefs fan Jill Bishop Ost and Adams.

Chiefs & NFL Fans React to Brittany Mahomes-Dante Hall Comparison

Here were some of the top replies from fans as this debate sparked back up again on Twitter:

“As a Kansas Citian, I never heard about Dante Hall spraying champagne until this tweet,” one fan voiced. “If it had been Brittany, I would have heard it about it Sunday night and people would have been up in arms. So @JillOst’s & @heykayadams’ point is well-met.”

Another stated: “That was ridiculous!! Those fans were not complaining, it was social media at its best 🙄🙄 They love Brittany and she was celebrating 🍾 there was no reason for all the hate that came her way at all! Period!!! Not shocked no one says anything this time around when it was not her.”

“Of course not. They love to berate Mrs. Mahomes…” A third supporter said.

One final KC fan just commented: “@BrittanyLynne we got your back Mrs. Mahomes!!!”

Of course, there were some who still disagreed with this form of celebration.

An NFL fan responded: “Maybe people should be [mad at Hall] tho. It looked pretty damn cold 🥶 there last night and for all the other same reasons not to do it, for which Brittany got dragged. D****** thing to do from the warm ritzy confines of a suite… rain sparkling wine down upon the non-consenting masses.😏”

Another put it more simply: “Don’t care who it is I don’t want anything of that on me.”

Decide for Yourself Chiefs Kingdom

There certainly appears to be a bit of a double standard here — at the very least — considering the lack of outrage for Hall, but you can decide for yourself.

Here was Brittany Mahomes’ version below, which was posted in January of 2022.

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