Raiders ‘Cut’ Celebrity Performer After Chiefs Appearance

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Getty A Las Vegas Raiders fan sits next to a Kansas City Chiefs supporter during Week 18.

While the Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for their fifth-straight AFC championship game, the Las Vegas Raiders are focused on publicly cutting performers from their fanbase.

Celebrity Raiders fan and rapper, Lil Jon, performed at Arrowhead Stadium during the Divisional Round victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately for Raider Nation, he decided to join the winning team, decking himself out in Chiefs gear from head to toe.

Upon seeing this, Raiders stars Davante Adams and Maxx Crosby weren’t pleased. Adams posted a photo of Lil Jon at Allegiant Stadium dressed in black and silver on his Instagram story with the caption: “Big Raider guy☠️.” The next photo was Lil Jon in his newfound KC swag, with the caption: “Hol up…🤔🤔🤔”

Crosby followed up on a fan’s side-by-side comparison, agreeing: “Yeah he’s cut.💀💀💀” The fan had voiced that “we gotta ban Lil Jon from Allegiant Stadium.”

Lil Jon Responds After Chiefs-Raiders Controversy

Lil Jon did write back to Crosby, questioning: “U DO KNO I WAS PAID TO PERFORM THERE RIGHT 🤔?” Unfortunately, the damage was already done.

Raider Nation spammed the comments, renouncing the rapper and declaring that he is no longer allowed to support Las Vegas.

“That makes it cool with you but not with us,” one popular response read. Another said: “Yeah but I bet for damn sure we would never see @icecube dripping in Chiefs colors like that just for some $$$.”

“Bro, woulda been the biggest flex to come out performing in chiefs gear, then before the end just rip it off and show your actual fandom. Cmon now, flex on em!” A third Raiders fan pleaded. Finally, one used Lil Jon’s own lyrics against him, stating: “Snap ya fingers, do ya step ✌️.”

Chiefs Still Living in the Heads of Raider Nation

Kansas City has not lost to the Raiders since the 2020 campaign, where they split the season series one-one. That equates to five straight victories for the Chiefs and 10 wins in their last 11 head-to-head matchups (15 of their last 17 beyond that).

It’s almost as bad as the supposed rivalry with the Denver Broncos — which has become nonexistent on the football field since Patrick Mahomes II was drafted.

The latest trouncing came in Week 18, a 31-13 blowout that clinched the No. 1 seed in the AFC for the Chiefs. The Raiders started backup QB Jarrett Stidham with plans to move on from Derek Carr this offseason.

Within the outing was also a very disrespectful moment from KC. Superstar Travis Kelce even admitted it later on his podcast as their “ring around the rosie” looking snow globe red zone maneuver went viral after the game.

“It’s kind of a f*** you play, it is,” Kelce joked to his brother on the “New Heights” podcast, adding: “Well, every play is a f*** you play [in the NFL].”

Clearly, this rivalry is all laughs in Chiefs Kingdom right now.

Tom Brady Could Be Headed to Raiders, AFC West in 2023

Last offseason, Russell Wilson joined the AFC West. Despite a ton of Broncos hype heading into Week 1, that plan crashed and burned for Denver.

Now it appears LVR head coach Josh McDaniels will attempt something similar in Las Vegas. It’s been made known that Carr is on his way out — via trade or release — and rumors point to Tom Brady potentially taking over for him as the Raiders starter because of his New England ties to McDaniels.

Other supposed targets are Aaron Rodgers, Jacoby Brissett and Baker Mayfield among others.

One thing’s for sure, a new signal-caller will be taking snaps for the Black and Silver in 2023 as they attempt to even the score with Mahomes and the Chiefs.