Superstar Free Agent Has Set Deadline for Chiefs to Make Offer

Getty Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has made it abundantly clear that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the teams he is interested in signing with once he fully recovers from his torn ACL. Multiple Chiefs players have also gone public with their support for Kansas City adding Odell. However, Kansas City has yet to offer him any type of deal, as Odell has yet to prove he’s 100% healthy.

Despite not being ready to take the field just yet, Odell has issued a deadline to any team interested in his services.

“Odell Beckham Jr. would like to whittle down his current list of potential teams — which includes the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers — as soon as possible and have a decision by the end of this month, league sources told ESPN,” Adam Schefter of ESPN wrote on November 12.

What Does Odell Want for Money?

Schefter also detailed what he’s hearing regarding what a potential contract for Odell could look like.

“NFL evaluators believe Beckham’s talents are at least on level with players like (Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Chris) Godwin and (Los Angeles Chargers receiver Mike) Williams, not to mention his marketability, which could only help his leverage,” Schefter continued. “If Beckham were to play the final quarter of the season at similar prorated pay to Godwin or Williams, he could make about $5 million for the remainder of this season.

“Teams also believe Beckham is looking for a multiyear deal, which could potentially give them additional flexibility in structuring a deal that would work for both the free agent receiver and his new club.”

Schefter also noted that Odell is “nearly ready to play,” and the doctor that performed surgery on Odell’s injured knee, Dr. Neal ElAttrache, is “prepared to clear him for all activities.”

According to the NFLPA’s Public Salary Cap Report, the Chiefs currently have $3.39 million in available cap space, which is enough space to sign Odell, especially if he wants a multiyear deal.

Twitter Reacts to Odell’s Deadline

Twitter users reacted to Odell setting a deadline for any potentially interested teams.

Who wouldn’t want to come to @chiefs and catch balls from the great one #mahomes,” one Twitter user wrote. 

“If (we) are being honest the teams that have a very little chance (are) the giants and 49ers,” another user wrote.

“Haha of course. Wait to see again who is in the best seat for the playoffs, play 3 games and try to get another ring,” another user wrote. “Must be nice to pick and choose when and where you want to play when you have other guys playing hard for a full season.”

“So hes going to NYG or Dallas.. of this list… we all know OBJ is 1 who craves spotlight and no bigger spotlight on (that) list then NY or Dallas. And he already won his ring so even if he wants another 1 it’s not super desperate.. its more about $$&location,” another user wrote.

“Why are the giants even on the list? It seems like they’re in no position at all to be signing him? Would they be in the convo if he wasn’t drafted here? Only thing I can think of is that he actually wants to come back to New York,” another user wrote.

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