Patrick Mahomes Has Hilarious Response on Chasing Tom Brady’s Ring Total

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II during Super Bowl week.

Until a new challenger emerges, media pundits are always going to compare Patrick Mahomes’ career to that of NFL legend Tom Brady.

The latter is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all-time, but many feel Mahomes could overtake him someday if he continues on his current trajectory. That’s why Brady’s name tends to come up in moments like these — when the Kansas City Chiefs superstar attempts to win his second Super Bowl title in just his sixth season in the league and his fifth season as a starter.

On February 9, Mahomes was asked a question regarding “TB12” and NFL insider Albert Breer relayed his hilariously perfect response, tweeting; “Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes [asked] about chasing Tom Brady: ‘I’m trying to catch Tom. But Tom’s a long ways away, you can ask me when I’m like 38 years old.'”

Good point. When one guy has seven rings and his “challenger” has one, maybe it’s best to pump the brakes a bit and see how things turn out on Sunday. If Mahomes wins, then you can ask him this question being that he’s narrowed that mark down to five.

As always, Mahomes fielded the Q&A like a professional though, even if he did kick his answer a decade or so down the line.

NFL Fans Unearth Patrick Mahomes’ 2005 Super Bowl Prediction

Speaking of Brady and Mahomes, a Super Bowl prediction from 2005 has made rounds on social media over the past day or so. The newspaper snippet initially went viral after Jon Bois tweeted it out on February 9.

“I wonder whether the [Philadelphia] Eagles will win the super bowl. let’s ask some random nine-year-old from 2005,” he voiced sarcastically with an excerpt from the Tyler Morning Telegraph in Tyler, Texas.

It read: “Eagles 35, [New England] Patriots 28. ‘Eagles are a better team.’ Patrick Mahomes II, Tyler.”

Unfortunately, Brady ruined a childhood Mahomes’ prediction that day with a 24-21 victory over Chiefs current head coach Andy Reid and the Eagles. Hopefully, history can repeat itself and KC can do the same this weekend, as the Chiefs enter this 2023 Super Bowl matchup as 1.5-point underdogs.

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Expresses Interest in Front Office Job After Retirement

Mahomes may not be thinking about Brady’s ring total, but he has at least thought about what he might do some day when he eventually retires — which is hopefully a long, long time from now.

FanSided NFL reporter Matt Verderame shared the career plans from Mahomes. He tweeted: “Patrick Mahomes mentions he’s interested in becoming a GM and potentially an NFL owner after his career is over. Loves evaluating incoming rookies.”

It’s a very interesting response from the Chiefs QB, being that most players go the broadcasting route or just kick back and enjoy themselves once they hang up the uniform. Some do coach as well, but that’s typically backups and role players more than superstars.

Rarely do you see a premier talent talk about becoming a general manager, however, which is known to be one of the more taxing positions in the sport — and usually involves years of scouting and working your way up the ladder.

Recently, we’ve seen Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champion safety John Lynch make the jump from player to front office boss with some success. As the San Francisco 49ers GM, Lynch has made it to a Super Bowl once — losing to the Chiefs — and the playoffs three out of six seasons with three NFC championship appearances. His overall record is 58-49 since taking the job.

Of course, one of the greatest NFL player-GMs of all-time was Hall of Fame tight end Ozzie Newsome, who stabilized the Baltimore Ravens franchise as a consistent contender for many years.

As an MVP turned owner, Mahomes would make history for more reasons than one.

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