Patrick Mahomes Has Perfect Response for Latest Record-Breaking Accomplishment

Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes chatted with injured New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers ahead of Week 4.

During the Week 4 victory over the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II broke another NFL record, becoming the fastest QB to throw 200 career touchdowns in the history of the sport.

After the game, reporters asked Mahomes about this feat, and the offensive superstar had the perfect response that just goes to show what type of leader and person he is.

“I don’t even — what is the record?” Mahomes first replied. Then, when the media member informed him of his accomplishment, he said: “Yeah, I mean it means a ton because the people that are on the list, the quarterbacks that have [come] before me, but you just gotta keep going. The game has changed so I think someone will pass me before too long, so you just go out there and keep playing, and the one thing that doesn’t change is Super Bowls so I’m going to try and keep getting those.”

The fact that the Chiefs signal-caller wasn’t even aware of the record is one thing — players don’t often keep track of random statistics like this — but the immediate thought of chasing championships rather than personal accolades is what makes Mahomes a great teammate and winner. Tom Brady had a similar mentality before he retired and TB12’s Lombardi Trophy record is one that the reigning NFL MVP is certainly well aware of.

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Surpassed Former Dolphins QB Dan Marino for NFL TD Record

The aforementioned 200-touchdown record was previously held by former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino — a first ballot Hall of Famer in 2005.

“The Chiefs’ Sunday night showdown with the New York Jets was Mahomes’ 84th career game,” detailed reporter Grant Gordon. “He broke the previous standard set by Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, who reached 200 TD passes in 89 games.”

“Mahomes now stands above a who’s who of elite Hall of Famers, with Aaron Rodgers, who’s currently on the Jets’ injured reserve list, having reached 200 TDs in 99 career games, while Peyton Manning achieved the feat in 106 games and Brett Favre did it in 107,” Gordon went on.

The TD pass went to second-string tight end Noah Gray, his first of the 2023 season.

Chiefs HC Andy Reid Discusses Patrick Mahomes Being Too ‘Greedy’ vs. Jets

Mahomes referred to his two interceptions against the Jets as being too “greedy” during the same postgame press conference. On October 2, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid responded to that theory of his star QB going for the big play when it’s not there.

“He knows better than anybody when that happens, [and] he came up [to me] afterwards and just said — ‘Hey, listen, I gotta check it down there or run it’ — and so he did that a little more in the second half,” Big Red told reporters.

During a follow-up question, Reid added: “You can kind of see the evolution of [him self-policing] during the game. He had a nice one to [Gray] where he kind of lofts it up and over. [Then] he tried the second one and was picked, and then the next one was picked but he was trying to put it in a hole — he’s done that so many different times — but they were settling back, so better to just work the flat there.”

The general message from the Chiefs HC appears to be — Mahomes has earned the right to attempt those plays and when he does make a mistake, he’s usually well-aware and learns from it later on.

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