Ex-QB Rips ESPN’s Patrick Mahomes vs Joe Burrow Debate: ‘Makes Zero Sense’

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II in 2022.

Old ‘friend’ of Chiefs Kingdom Dan Orlovsky was at it again on January 23 during a viral segment of ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“Joe Burrow’s the best quarterback in football,” Orlovsky began before quickly hedging that Patrick Mahomes II is the better all-around player. “Let me be very clear with what I’m saying here Chiefs fans — Patrick Mahomes, best player — he’s the most talented player in the NFL and he’s the most dynamic weapon. Joe Burrow is the best quarterback in football when it comes to quarterbacking.”

He continued, explaining: “When it comes to understanding play-calls, when it comes to understanding what you have to do with the football, when it comes to understanding what the defense is, when it comes to understanding pocket manipulation, when it comes to timing and rhythm and accuracy and ball placement, Joe Burrow is the best. He’s the standard right now.”

“All the stuff that Patrick, Josh Allen, Lamar [Jackson], [and] Jalen Hurts do, [other] guys can’t do that stuff,” he added. “They’re outliers when it comes to so much of their stuff. All the stuff that Joe Burrow does, you can [replicate], but he’s the only one who does [it consistently]. That’s the thing that fascinates me about Joe Burrow.”

Baffled Robert Griffin III Speaks for Chiefs Fans Everywhere

Orlovsky is basically saying that Burrow is the most cerebral QB in the league right now — the Tom Brady of the modern-day NFL, if you will. However, he’s also voicing that Mahomes is the better overall talent who will often wonder and amaze.

It’s a fair point, but it’s also a silly one — and ex-NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III spoke for KC fans everywhere when he called out this idiotic debate.

“The Patrick Mahomes vs Joe Burrow debate has gotten OUT OF HAND,” RGIII tweeted boldly. “Both are UNBELIEVABLE. One may be a better pocket passer and the other a better creator but when deciding who the best QB is, everything they do along with their specific talents are part of their Quarterbacking.”

He went on in a second tweet: “If you prefer Burrow over Mahomes then just say that. But if you say Mahomes is the best player and plays Quarterback, it MAKES ZERO SENSE to say that Burrow is the best QB at Quarterbacking. Quarterbacking is exactly what Mahomes is doing. All love [Dan Orlovsky and Ryan Clark].”

Orlovsky did respond to Griffin’s tough-love criticism, stating: “I don’t prefer either over the other. They’re both special—in their own way. I believe there is difference in style of play. My praise from the first game he’s ever played in NFL for Patrick is well known. But stylistically there is difference and I tried to describe that.”

Let’s be honest, Orlovsky’s initial point had to do with more than style of play. He used the term quarterbacking to describe what Burrow does, while categorizing Mahomes and Allen (among others) as something different altogether.

In one final reply between the pair, Griffin pushed back slightly, making note of that subtle pivot from Orlovsky. “Agree that there is a difference in style of play, but both styles are still Quarterbacking. I understood what you meant, but it comes off as if what Mahomes does isn’t Quarterbacking. Also appreciate the willingness to engage publicly for all to see and also privately. Much love,” RGIII concluded.

Legacy Game for Patrick Mahomes & Joe Burrow?

Everyone was talking Mahomes vs. Burrow this morning, including the unmistakable Stephen A. Smith, who called this a “legacy-defining matchup” for the Chiefs signal-caller being that he’s never beaten Burrow’s Bengals head-to-head.

“You win again against Patrick Mahomes, back-to-back AFC championship games you take him out, the conversation changes about Mahomes,” Smith voiced. “We now have to talk about Burrow instead of Mahomes [as the number one QB in the league].”

Peter Schrager of NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” agreed, pondering: “If Burrow beats Mahomes on Sunday, how can you make the argument Mahomes is better than Burrow?”

You heard it here first; the media pitchforks are already being sharpened and aimed at Mahomes ahead of this highly anticipated grudge match. Bum ankle and all, it appears he has no choice but to win.

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