‘Thousands’ Rally Around Brittany Matthews’ Latest Social Campaign

Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes with fiancée Brittany Matthews on February 2, 2019.

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills in spectacular fashion, Patrick Mahomes’ fiancée — Brittany Matthews — celebrated by popping and spraying champagne over the hundreds of fans below.

The video quickly went viral and although her intentions were harmless, many on social media didn’t see it that way. After a ton of backlash from critics, Matthews decided to fight back against cyber-bullying with the help of supporters.

On January 27, a local KC clothing manufacturer named Charlie Hustle announced that they would be teaming up with Matthews and Red Card KC on a “Team Brittany” T-shirt in an effort “to call out bullying when you see it.”

Matthews added in a retweet: “I will be personally matching the donation made to Red Card KC. I appreciate the KC Community!”

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Chiefs Kingdom Backs Matthews

Matthews has become a polarizing figure on social media but for all the “hate” she receives, the city of Kansas City seems to support her two-fold. For example, many Chiefs fans have come to her defense this week.

One wrote: “I was sitting below her at this game. I’m sure it wasn’t unanimous, but the crowd was cheering WITH her and encouraging her when she [sprayed the champagne]. Cheers to a GREAT win and to the spontaneity that came in that moment. Be kind to one another. Go chiefs!!!”

The Charlie Hustle campaign was no different. TMZ reported that “thousands of ‘Team Brittany’ shirts have already sold in just one day.” They continued: “In total, through the first 24 hours-or-so of sales, the [Charlie Hustle] rep said more than 2,000 units have been bought.”

After visiting the clothing company in person, Matthews posted an appreciative reaction on her Instagram story. She wrote: “I am honestly blown away… This is just so incredible. From the bottom of my heart, I can not thank you guys enough. I know there are still so many good people out here. And together we are making a difference in the community! Y’all are truly so amazing.”

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More on the ‘Team Brittany’ Campaign

According to TMZ and Charlie Hustle, “25% of the proceeds (each tee costs $36) will go to the Red Card KC.”

Ryan Gaydos of Fox Business shared a message from Matthews’ Instagram story:

There has been quite a bit of buzz this week and it’s been a pretty rough week over here. However, me and my team have decided to try to turn this buzz into something and something good for the Kansas City community… First, I just want to say, I greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate Kansas City and how much y’all have gotten behind us and supported me so much. It means the absolute world to me… Obviously, I do receive a lot of hate on a daily basis on social media and I know so, so, so many other people do as well. I’m lucky enough to have a good support system and a city that is lifting me up but I know there are a lot of people out there struggling with this so that’s why I’m proud to just partner with this company and get behind this cause and hopefully push everything into the right direction and start spreading some more positivity on all of these platforms. I hope you guys just use this as a daily reminder to let you know that words are very powerful and it costs you nothing to be kind and nice to people… in this city we like to lift people up and not bring each other down.

Gaydos reiterated that “Charlie Hustle approached [Matthews] to make the T-shirts and she wanted to turn the ‘opportunity into something good.'”


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